Do you want to compliment a guy but are not confident about how to go about it? Read on to know the best ways to compliment a guy.

How To Compliment A Guy

The things that make up a perfect gentleman – more romance, more listening, more compliments. From an early age, this is what men are conditioned to believe is the way in which to treat women. There are some people who even believe that men do not like to be complimented since they are supposed to be the “sterner” sex. However, more than 70% of men say that they wish they received more compliments from the woman in their life. The implication here is not to bore a guy to death by complementing every part of him from his head to his toes, or by smothering him with verbal roses about every little thing that he does. Rather, it is all about making a guy feel good about himself and good about his relationship with you. There are a few simple things that a woman can tell a man that can really make his day. Given below are some ways in which you can pay compliments to men.
Ways To Pay Compliments To Men 
  • Do not overdo on compliments. Keep them short, simple, to the point, and sincere.
  • Smile when you compliment him. A warm smile will make him feel good about himself because it would mean that you are happy around him.
  • Don’t over-compliment his body. He may feel that you’re desperate and playing “easy to get”.
  • Don’t make him feel self-conscious by gawking at him.
  • Say something original instead of being a stereotype of everyone else.
  • Have good voice modulation when you compliment a guy so that you won’t sound like you are reading from a script. 
How To Compliment A Guy Directly 
  • A compliment is not a conversation. Do not over do it. Rather, interject them at the right points of the conversation so that they will be more effective. Never say something that is not true. For example, don’t tell him that he has great abs (just because you think that’s what he wants to hear) when you know that he has been struggling to get rid of flab. That will give him a very poor opinion of you and any compliments you might pay him in the future.
  • If he wears something that looks really eye-catching, think of an “original” compliment. You do not want to say what everyone else says. Make your compliment personal so that it goes deeper. For example, if he’s wearing a nice shirt, saying “You look really good in that shirt” is more complimentary than saying “That’s a nice shirt”.
  • Laugh at his jokes. However, do not overdo it since you may end up seeming like a giggling teenager if you start laughing like a hyena each time he opens his mouth.
  • Don’t be impressed with his job. Appreciate how well he does it, by recognizing the passion that lies within him for his work. Recognize how committed he is towards achieving his goals and praise his tenacity in following his dreams. Never sound like a gold digger by gauging a guy’s success by the number of zeroes after the dollar sign in his bank account.
  • Praise his manners. If he pulls out a chair for you or holds open a door, be sure to appreciate it. You will make him feel like a sophisticated gentleman (and soon he will be opening doors left and right for you), and prove that you feel, with him, that chivalry is not dead.
  • Compliment his body, but not too much. Studies show that men are paranoid about how they look, almost as much as women are. However, do not compliment him to the extent that he feels self-conscious.
  • Compliment him on his skills in bed and don’t be shy about it. A great deal of sexual satisfaction, for a man, comes from knowing he is satisfying his partner. Apart from telling him that he was good in bed, tell him exactly what you liked that he did, which made him great in bed. 
How To Compliment A Guy Indirectly 
  • Agree with his tastes. This will make him feel confident and good, without embarrassing him. For example, if he sees some really cool shoes at a shop window and he says they are nice, agree with him. It is not necessary to repeat like a parrot “You have good taste” for everything, he admires. Just imply it.
  • If you know that there’s something that interests him, whether a job, a hobby, or anything else, express sincere interest in it. Ask pertinent questions, not dumb ones. Don’t pretend to be interested in something that bores you, just to make him feel good. He will be able to see through you after some time.
  • Appreciate the things that he does for you. For example, if he takes you out for dinner, tell him how much you are enjoying yourself. You do not have to always compliment him on his choice of restaurant or food. By just enjoying yourself, he will feel really great about it.
  • Ask him to assist you. If your car isn’t working, ask him to help you fix it. It will help him feel like the expert here and he will feel competent, smart, and complimented.
  • Get his opinion on things. Here is where many married couples mess up since they believe that getting another person’s opinion is a sign of weakness. It therefore becomes a cerebral power struggle, in which neither gives up. Men feel good when asked for their opinion, and makes them feel that they are an integral part of your life. 
Phrases That Men View As Compliments 
  • "The kids love you" – More than 50% of men feel that their families define them more than their work or salaries do. Therefore, when a woman tells him that he is a hero to his family, and especially to his kids, it goes much deeper than most other compliments.
  • "Impressive" – Men always like to prove how “manly” they are with various feats or accomplishments. A well-timed observation of his strength, power, or masculinity will make him feel great.
  • “Wow” – This three-letter word can mean more than a thousand words to a guy and can be the ultimate ego-stroke after an already unforgettable time in bed. Best said in a whisper, this is the ultimate compliment that you can give a guy.

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