It is very necessary to know ways to compliment a beautiful woman, if you want to woo her. The following article is for all the men who want to know how to tell a girl she's beautiful.

How To Tell A Girl She's Beautiful

Compliments go hand in hand with beauty. Almost every lady in the world would love to have her man say that she is beautiful. And why not! A woman deserves to be complimented not only on her outer beauty, but also on her inner beauty, such as her intelligence and personality. Compliments not only make a girl happy and feel good about herself, but also make her think more highly about her man. However, men often tend to fall short of words while delivering compliments to their woman. Since they do not know how to tell a girl she's beautiful, they usually end up buttering her with lame pickup lines. Follow this article to know the different and unique ways to tell your lady that she is the most beautiful woman you have ever met.
Ways To Compliment A Beautiful Woman 
  • Instead of simply saying, “You’re beautiful”, be specific in your compliments. Tell her that you like her hair or smile or eye color or even compliment her on her outfit. This will be much more original than the simple line and also mean a lot to her.
  • For complimenting a girl’s smile, you can say, “I just couldn’t help but notice that you have the most incredible smile. I bet it always lights up a room, just the way it lights up my life.”
  • In case you like the way she carries herself, say “You carry yourself with such elegance and poise that I have rarely seen in other women.”
  • In case a woman has beautiful eyes, say, “I know this may sound really clichéd, but you have most beautiful blue/ green/ brown eyes that I have ever seen.”
  • Let your woman know she has converted your black and white life into a colorful one. She sure is to melt right there in your arms.
  • Another good compliment would be “I hope your day is as radiant as your smile ‘coz you take my breath away”.
  • Hold your woman’s hand or hug her from behind and tell her how beautiful and wonderful she is.
  • Gift your girl with a stuffed animal (she’ll hug it every time she goes to sleep) or one of your favorite t-shirts (she’ll most likely wear it to bed), with the words ‘World’s Most Beautiful Woman’ written on it.
  • You can present her with precious stones jewelry (she will treasure it for life), with a note that says ‘for a woman, who is beautiful on the inside as well as outside’. 
  • Apart from her looks, you can compliment a girl on her beautiful nature or any personality characteristic that you find is intriguing and interesting.
  • Always be honest and sincere in your compliments. Your lady would not like to hear any non-meaningful comments. Your compliments should be genuine and come straight from the heart.
  • Remember to make eye contact with your woman, while delivering the compliments. This will make you appear more honest and sincere and your compliment will be much more meaningful.
  • Do not overpower your lady with compliments. Consistent complimenting will annoy a woman and make her think that either you are not sincere or you have ulterior motives.

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