Taking a compliment gracefully and confidently has now become a part of social refinement. Explore this article to find tips on how to take a compliment.

How To Take A Compliment

Since you have landed on this article, it is obvious that you are a sweet person who receives compliments, but finds it difficult to accept them. You have been observing since long that people always take it other way round, when you react to their compliment. This is a common problem with most of us. Somewhere down the line, it always comes across as either you lack confidence or are a proud person. Compliments should make you feel special and bring a smile on your face. It should also make the other person feel that you have accepted it whole-heartedly and value it. We are here to help you out on the task of how to take compliments gracefully and bring sunshine in your life. So quickly brush up with the tips given below and be a dear amongst all.
Taking A Compliment Gracefully
  • The first and foremost thing to do when you are complimented is to acknowledge it. The two words, ‘Thank You’ come out very genuinely and make the other person feel that you have accepted the compliment. Never give a sarcastic grunt or an eye-roll, as it is considered highly rude.
  • Your body posture should not over shadow your confidence. Be confident (you can blush too, if the compliment is from someone you love or admire), else it will depict as if you don’t believe in the compliment or aren’t confident about it.
  • Never do the mistake of underestimating yourself, by infusing a negative remark, if you have received a compliment for your good work or the accomplishment of a task. This is taken as an insult by the person who is giving the compliment and he/ she will definitely re-think before complimenting you in future.
  • If you are complimented upon the way you are dressed, acknowledge it and initiate the conversation by letting them know the place you bought it from or how great the shop was, but never focus on how much you shelled out to buy that one.
  • Make an eye contact and give a smile, when you receive a compliment. Avoid looking here and there; it will confuse the admirer and make you come across as a rude person.
  • When someone compliments you, don’t change the topic, without acknowledging it. This will go extremely rude and depict you as proud, egoistic and impolite person.
  • Don’t argue with your admirer or compare yourself with another person, who might not be looking as great as you are. This will again reflect you as a negative person and close doors for further compliments.
  • To gain confidence, practice receiving compliments in mirror and saying thanks with smile. You can also say that the compliment means a lot to you or something along the same lines.
  • Even if you feel that the compliment is in a sarcastic tone, don’t let the other person know how bad you have felt about it. Immediately say ‘thank you’ with a kind smile and it will turn into a compliment.
  • Avoid the temptation of bragging about yourself, after you have taken the compliment. This will only show that you are too self-obsessed. So, avoid doing it, especially when you are receiving a compliment.

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