A compliment should be spontaneous and sound straight from the heart. Read on to know how to give a good compliment.

How To Give A Compliment

Compliments are an expression of appreciation are given to acknowledge a person's achievement. Compliments are used to honor, elate and validate someone’s work. It is always socially accepted unlike flattery. It gives out confidence to the person who is complimented. It encourages people to perform continuously giving them a sense of pride in whatever they do. It is always good to compliment a person. If you find something good about a person, do not hesitate to compliment and appreciate the person. A compliment can help diffuse stress, lift spirits and even solidify bonds and relationships. But, a compliment should not be fake and artificial; it should be pure, spontaneous and positive. Here are few tips on how to give a good compliment to a person.
How To Give A Good Compliment
Keep It Simple And Specific
Keep your compliment simple and be specific. Comment on a single achievement or good quality of the person rather than being general. For example instead of telling ‘you are an excellent cook’, compliment on a specific dish. Don’t compare their achievements with others. A comment should be such that it flatters the person with their own merits.
Sincerity is the key to giving compliments. A fake compliment is easy to spot, and can be embarrassing for both the person who gives it and the one who receives it. A compliment should be spontaneous, simple and positive. There is no preparation for a compliment. If you prepare for a compliment, or think what to say you will sound quiet artificial and polished, which can be suspicious. A compliment should just flow out after you notice something good about a person.

A compliment should come at the right time and for the right thing. It is very important to give the compliment on time; otherwise it will sound out of place. Compliment a person the moment they achieve something. If for some reason you miss an opportunity to compliment a person spontaneously, you can always leave a note or a card with the message, for e.g. the party and the dinner was awesome.
Acknowledge Your Relationship
Choose your words for a compliment depending on your relationship with the person. For e.g. comment on your colleagues dress only if you both are good friends. A compliment is an opinion which may not be accepted by all the people especially a stranger. Therefore, be careful while you are complimenting a person. Comment on a person only if you know the person well.
Back Up Your Compliment
Add a back up sentence to your compliment to make your compliment more effective and sound good. For e.g. don’t just stop by saying ‘your shirt looks good on you’, rather add up another sentence which will complete your compliment ‘your shirt looks good on you because it compliments your skin’. Be careful while choosing your words though. A compliment will be welcomed only if it is in a good taste and right words.

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