Use effective ways to secure employment and job hunt in a very competitive world today. Read for tips to use your resources.

Best Ways To Find A Job

Does ‘H’ for Hitler, ‘A’ for arrogant, ‘R’ for rascal, and ‘I’ for idiot beat drums in your ears. Hari Sadu, the boss seen in job portal advertisement, became an icon when he had the choicest of adjectives thrown at him in the commercial. The ad declared with a bang that - it’s ok to call your boss names, if he deserves it! However, before that, you need to make sure that you have registered yourself on the portal and grabbed a new job. It was a tactical campaign for job hunters. With the changing economy and globalization, there is a necessity to update your job hunting skills on a regular basis. The times have changed and ways to find employment have taken a new dimension, from what they were a decade ago. At times, there may be a large number of people waiting to apply to that one listed job, and you might feel upset applying for it. Although the jobs situation might look grim, there are resources at your disposal, which can be used to your advantage, to ensure that you end up grabbing a really good offer. If you are on a job-hunting spree, keep in mind that tides are changing. Positive approach and readiness, combined with your skills, can help you land up with an employment of your choice. If you still need help, check out some of the best ways to find a job.
How To Find A Job Easily
  • Start your hunt with a suitable resume. Remember, it can make or break your chances of landing a good job. So, make sure that it lists all your achievements, professionally as well as personally, and presents you in the best light.
  • Be flexible in your correspondence to different job profiles. Do not limit yourself only to the jobs that you want to work. Not all jobs will be ideal, but they may offer different exposure. The more resumes you send to companies and consultancies, the better are the prospects of your getting a response.
  • There are many online job resources and portals on internet. Make use of these internet resources and online job banks.
  • Subscribe to an employment newspaper, daily national newspaper and competitive magazines. Use the employment section, and help-wanted columns to your advantage.
  • Use your connections to your advantage. Keep in touch with your friends, college mates, former colleagues and bosses. You can also use social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, My space etc. It’s always a smart decision to stay in touch with people you have known and worked with, as you never know when someone might be in a position to help you.
  • Register your name with the employment office or the community job center. It can prove very useful in job hunting.
  • Have you resume copies ready and visit companies personally, as some employers like to know the people behind the resumes. In such cases, timing is very important, as you might just land up with a job if there is an opening that you qualify for.
  • E-mail or fax your resumes to employment agencies and consultancies that are listed in your local phonebook. Make it job specific and use a personalized cover letter. Fax resumes to the prospective companies you want to work with. Have patience and don’t get discouraged if they take time to respond.
  • Check out openings with telemarketing agencies and call centers. These kinds of companies have openings and the pay will flow you through until you land up with a job of your choice.
  • Follow up with a potential employer who has contacted you. As competition is aggressive, make a request for personal interview. The extra effort and the readiness shown by you will make a good first impression and pay enormous dividends.
  • Keep your professional manners in top gear. When you talk on phone, get people’s name right. During interviews, remain focused, dress for the occasion and be confident. Be sharp and prepare yourself one-step ahead. 
  • Practically everyone wants a full time job with benefits. However, at times when economy is down, a part time or contract job is always welcome. It’s better to utilize this as a learning process than sit idle. It may be the best opening to a future, full time employment. It can also add to your experience and new skills, to boost up your resume.

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