What attracts a woman to a man? Men often wonder what can be done to impress attractive and nice-looking women. Read this article to find what women find attractive in a man.

What Women Find Attractive In A Man

It is very truly said, “God made man, and then said I can do better than that and made woman”. Though God has added color to the world by creating women, it is not easy to attract and seduce them. Men have always tried hard to impress women but have often faced humiliation and embarrassment during the process. Scholars, philosophers, poets and psychologists have spent years searching for answers to this simple yet complicated question: “What women find attractive in men?” Given here are some qualities that will help you impress nice and loving women and develop passionate relationships. Read on further to know them.
What Attracts A Woman To A Man
Nice Personality
Women have always liked nice, pleasant and good-looking men. Most of them prefer stylish, organized and sober men as opposed to ill-organized and non-serious ones. The initial attraction of women towards women usually depends on the physical appearance of men.
Good Character
Women have always run after a man’s character. In case you are looking forward for a long-lasting relationship, having a sound character is very important. Men who are honest, sincere and trustworthy have been in demand in the feminine world.
Strong And Muscular
Since women need protection, they always look for strongly built, brawny men. They believe that the fittest survives and hence, a strong man can protect her in all the possible manners.
A nice and balanced smile is your best weapon when you are looking forward to impress a beautiful woman. A smile is the precious quality that women look on for.
Natural Body
The real beauty of a man lies in his natural masculine appearance. Women do not prefer men who have waxed their body or got a pedicure or manicure done. To get the women of your dreams you love, it is best to look natural.
Be Confident & In Control
Men with confident and drive are a huge turn on for women. They prefer men with an explorative nature as they provide various innovations in relationships. Most of the women like to be controlled during sex also.
Good Sense Of Humor
To enhance your relationship, you should have a nice and pleasant sense of humor apart from being intelligent. Such men always find a long queue of women waiting for them.
Be A Kid-Lover
Women’s list of qualities on “What women find attractive in men” is incomplete without a person who adores kids. They always prefer men who are ready and easy to make it up with kids. Women consider such men as they are loving, passionate and affectionate.
No Drinking Or Smoking
Excessive drinking and smoking leads to various dangerous diseases. Thus, such men are a big turn off for 99% of women. Although some women can tolerate occasional drinking and smoking, but excess of it is just not accepted.
Women admire hard-working men as this is one quality that will guarantee success in any field of life. Ladies have always looked for successful men.

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