Are you trying to find an answer to the question ‘what do men find sexy’? Check out the things that men find sexy about women.

What Do Men Find Sexy

This one question will derive a common answer from the ladies - fast cars, bikes, high heels, great curves, pretty face, provocative dress and so on. This answer may be true, but only to a certain extent. There are many other things along with these that men can find absolutely sexy. Think for example, a warm Sunday morning and you and your man curled up with each other in your night wear. You have unkempt tousled hair and probably some smudged make-up and mind you, no high heels. Men would find it sexy, as it makes them feel relaxed in your company. The fact you don’t have to look perfect all the time makes them realize, they don’t have to either! They can be themselves with you and that is definitely a turn on! Here are a few other things which I think men find sexy!
Healthy Curves
Throw away those diet pills and start eating! Anorexia is not a fashion statement, it is a disease and no man would want a girl with that disease! Men like to see some good fleshy curves on women and like it when they eat healthy. So the next time you feel you are gaining weight, get happy about it! At the same time, keep it in moderation and exercise to get rid off the extra flab.
No Make-Up Look
Yes, men find it sexy! In fact, after reaching a certain level in your relationship, your man will find it uncomfortable to kiss you when you have layers of lipstick. The no make-up and natural look is a turn on simply because of the fact that it is natural and not fabricated. Make-up may even act as a barrier at times instead of being a turn on.
It hardly matters whether you have the perfect face or the fab body, till the time you are high on confidence. Yes, confidence is a big turn on for guys and they find it absolutely sexy when the woman they adore is confident about herself. So whether it is deciding what you want in life or which restaurant to go for dinner, showing some confidence will definitely perk up your man.
Passionate with Kids
Men find women who adore and pamper kids, absolutely sexy. This is because such women have a certain motherly instinct about them that reminds men of their own mothers. It makes them feel warm and cared for and can also melt their hearts in a matter of seconds. So, the next time you are pampering a kid and your man is rolling his eyes, you will know that inside, he loves what you do!

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