The crow is considered to be one of the most intelligent birds. Check out interesting facts and amazing information about crows.

Facts About Crow

Often associated with bad omen and also the world of occult, crows are migratory birds and have been met with fear and resentment from humans. However, contrary to what people usually associate them with, crows are highly intelligent creatures that are known for adapting skillfully to their surroundings. They can mimic various sounds and have a highly specialized language for communication. When gathered in huge communal groups, they may become a nuisance for people due to their shrill and loud ‘cawing’ and may even attack humans if disturbed. Crows are known to be omnivorous and aggressive and often prey on other birds and their eggs if threatened in their own surroundings. Typically, crows are ‘urban’ birds and are found in abundance in places with lots of human population. The crow is found almost all over the world, with the exception of some off-shore islands and very cold regions. Check out some interesting facts and amazing information about crows.
Fast Facts
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Aves
Order: Passeriformes
Family: Corvidae
Genus: Corvus
Number of Species: 31
Habitat: Mixed habitat like woodlands, open areas, agricultural fields, coastal wetlands, etc.
Diet: Omnivorous
Age of Sexual Maturity: 2 years
Number of Eggs: 4 - 7
Interesting And Amazing Information About Crows
  • Crows are usually black in color all over, but some species are not totally black and are found with white, gray or brown coloring around the neck or the beak.
  • Crows are considered to be very intelligent creatures and have existed since a long time due to their ability to adapt to changing situations. They belong to the corvid family of birds and are highly adaptable to any kind of situation.
  • Crows are omnivorous.
  • There are about 45 species of crows around the world.
  • The Corvus Brachyrhynchos or the Common Crow measures around 20–30 cm in length and has a wingspan that is double the size. Their strong and sharp beaks help them rummage for food from almost anywhere.
  • Crows are migratory birds and assemble in huge groups in order to migrate during fall and winters, since they cannot stand harsh climate. A bunch of crows is called as ‘murder’!
  • Crow eggs hatch in about eighteen days and stay with their parents till they learn to fly.
  • The common crow usually lives for a period of 5-7 years.
  • Mating crows live together for years and some of them actually part when one of them dies.
  • Baby crows learn to fly when they are about one month old.
  • Crows are attracted to food scraps and trash from garbage cans.
  • They are not restricted to a particular habitat and can easily breed and survive in a variety of habitats, which includes mountains, woodlands, plains, farms & fields as well as modern urban areas.
  • Corvids are absolutely fearless and commonly attack golden or bald eagles.
  • Crows get emotional very easily and usually vocalize their feelings.
  • The average number of eggs laid by the female is 4–7. Both male and female take turns to guard the nest and the male takes the initiative to incubate them. Crows usually have a single mate for life unless one dies or is captured.
  • They are known to be both beneficial as well as a nuisance for farmers. Though they eat up a number of pests that may destroy crops like cutworms, wireworms, grasshoppers, etc. they are also known to destroy a large number of crops by pecking on them, their favorite being corn!
  • Crows have a varied and evolved language and usually adapt to the sounds of the surroundings they live in.
  • Crows prefer to nest in coniferous trees.
  • Crows love to dive-bomb other birds and their young. 
  • Some crows, like the Raven, can be taught to speak the basic human language.

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