The motive behind wanting to find a pen pal would differ from person to person. For free tips on how to find a good pen pal, browse through the article.

How To Find The Best Pen Pals

A pen pal is someone who you have never met but exchange letters with on a regular basis, talking about topics of mutual interest. It could also be someone with whom you can share personal experiences or get to know of different cultures and lifestyles in a different part of the world especially if the pen pals are from different countries. The relationship is not based on face value but on a friendship that arises from communicating with a person through letters over a period of time. The motive behind wanting to find a pen pal would differ from person to person. Some look for romance, while others just want to maintain a friendship with a person. In a pen pal relationship, people tend to open up more about each other’s lives, lifestyles and usually include discussions on topics of interest. With the advent and increasing popularity of email and the decline of the traditional snail mail, finding a pen pal has never been easier. There are various sites offering to match pen pals based on age, sex, country and various other categories. Here are a few tips to finding a good pen pal.

Tips To Find Best Pen Pals

  • Good pen pals are people who love to write, so search in the newspapers or magazines for writers' clubs and people who look forward to write to pen pals.
  • The internet is a good source of finding a good pen pal, there are various sites offering pen pal services, you can search their database for a person in a desired category to write to and wait for a response. Always be cautious when using the internet for such purposes as there are people who may not be what they project themselves to be and various scam artists visit such sites.
  • Choose who you want to write to, whether they should be male or female, someone with similar tastes in music or other hobbies, someone from a different country, someone in your age group, etc.
  • After selecting a person, write them a letter on a positive note. Ask them about themselves, their lives, interests, hobbies, and lifestyles. Introduce yourself in the letter and if the other person is interested in continuing the conversation, they will write back.
  • Never exchange personal phone numbers or addresses with a person who is just one letter old. Take your time; get to know the person before revealing your personal details.
  • If you are looking only for friendship and do not intend to meet in person, mention that to your pen pal if they wish to meet you in person.
  • If the person is interesting, maintain a good relationship, write to them once in a week or at least once in a month, if your busy schedule does not permit you to write frequently. Listen to your instincts before meeting anyone in person you’ve got to know only through letters. Maintaining a good relationship with an existing pen pal will ensure that you don’t need to keep looking for new pen pals every now and then.

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