Does the outer space elude you? Hunting meteorites is the best way to have a look at the world which is beyond ours. Check out how to find meteorites in the vicinity of your place.

How To Find Meteorites

Are you fascinated with the outer space? Do you want to have a look at the world beyond ours? Then, go for meteorite hunting. Meteorites are pieces of the other bodies in our solar system that hit the earth surface. They are also known as meteors or shooting stars. The majority of them originate from asteroids, which are shattered by impacts with other asteroids. There are three major types of meteorites: stone, iron and stony-iron. Though the concept and the actual location of meteorites is eluding in nature, the fact that they come from the space is an exciting proposition. In case you are interested in hunting for meteorites in the closest vicinity of your place, make use of the tips provided below.
How to Find Meteorites
  • The best place to find meteorites comprises of open locations with minimal population. Deserts or mountains areas are perfect to hunt for a meteorite, because they are marked with low population. The rocky mountain region is another great spot for meteorite hunting.
  • Try to find a place which has irregularity in its geographic landscape. It is often noted that large meteorites leave large craters on the earth surface, as a result of their breakdown when reach the earth surface. If you are successful in finding a large crater somewhere, you may notice small fragments of meteorites nearby.
  • Try to find a rock which contains metal, using a metal detector. Though it would not be a sure shot indication of a meteorite, metal-dense rocks are certainly worth a second look, as all meteorites contain metal.
  • You can visit a local geology museum and talk to a geologist. Having a look at meteorites that are collected in your area can make your search a lot easier. Be sure to write out a checklist of distinguishing marks and patterns.
  • If you have distinct knowledge about earth rocks, you can save time when searching for meteorites. If you are blank about rocks, you will have a lot of trouble finding a space rock. So, have appropriate knowledge before you set out hunting for meteorites.
  • Local conservation office is best place you can go to, to obtain topographical maps. Look for areas containing dry riverbeds or isolated mountain ranges. These are great places to find meteorites.

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