If the question, how to become popular has been bothering you since long, we are here to provide you the answer to the same. Read onto know some tips on being popular.

How To Be Popular

Everyone wants to be popular and win the praise and attention of all. As everybody does not acquire the talent of being popular, people often remain clueless on the topic, wondering how others do it. On the contrary, one of the basic things to remember here is that it is very necessary to be self confident to become popular. This is because if you do not believe in yourself, nothing will come easily to you. So, in case you belong to the category of people, who desperately wish to don the spotlight but do not how to become popular, here we are with some valuable tips to relive you off your worries.
Tips on How to Be Popular
  • Be bold enough and step out of your comfort zone. Even if you are a shy and introvert person, you will have to come out of your shell in order to become popular. It is very necessary for you to interact with people to gain their attention.
  • Be friendly and social. Popular people are generally friendly with almost everyone around. To be precise, be in good enough terms so that you are able to hold a short, friendly conversation with anyone in the room.
  • Try to talk to everyone, who crosses your path. However, do not be a bugger, just smile and give greetings. If you receive a response, make a small conversation. Make it a habit to know people around you.
  • Keep your attitude casual, restraining from any sort of controversy. In effect, make sure you just attempt a small talk with people you are not well aware of. Also make sure you choose light and safe topics to talk about.
  •  Be polite and respectful towards people's privacy. Don't be nosy and clingy. Try to decipher people's body language to understand their signals. In effect, don't invite yourself anywhere, don't brag, don't interrupt and most importantly, don't be annoying.
  • Stop thinking too much about yourself. Empathy is a virtue you cannot do without if you want to be popular. Try to relate to people around you and be interested in them. Talk to them on common grounds so that they find you compatible.
  • Whenever possible, try to lend out a helping hand. For popular people, it's not only necessary to know everyone but also equally important to be in good terms with them. One of the easiest ways of building rapport is by listening to people, when they talk and offer to help somehow. Tell them that you wish the best for them.
  • Not to forget, be yourself. Though it might sound cliché, it is the most important prerequisite for being popular. Though it's not necessary to be attractive and talented to be popular, instilling the above qualities certainly is. You can definitely mould these as per the situation you are in, to make things work for you.

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