Who doesn’t want to be popular? Check out some useful tips on how to be a popular girl.

How To Be A Popular Girl

Have you watched the movie “Mean Girls”? Well if you haven’t, here is the gist of the movie. A home-schooled girl played by Lindsay Lohan, enters the high school for the first time, thinking she knows all about the Darwin’s Law. However the “Survival of the fittest” goes out of the window when she sees that “Mean is In”. She does the bit of meanness too but at the end, she comes to know that only the good-hearted people can be popular. The plot is just a modern version of any fairy tale where Cinderella and Snow White are the favorite of all. The reason why I cited this example is because everyone of us wants to be popular no matter whether we are a dark, geek, prep, cheerleader, or anything. Living the life of these fairy tales is a fantasy of almost all of us. Being favorite is what we all want. You would be lying if you say you don’t want to be popular. Nobody wants to live in obscurity and anonymity. However how many of us really are popular? The fact is that there are only few alphas in a pack. They are the face of the crowd. Some people are born to be popular but it can be cultivated too. If you want to popular in school, college, workstation or virtually everywhere, read on to know how to be a popular girl.
Tips For Being A Popular Girl
Have Confidence
Confidence is the master key to success in any field of life and you need to be confident to be really able to pull off crowd to you. Be comfortable in your skin and you would pull people to you like magnet. Never compare yourself with others and believe in yourself.
Be Social
One of the most important traits of the popular girls is that they are so cordial with everyone. Be social is the mantra to be popular. Say hello to people who you meet. Even a smile will do a lot for that. Go to parties, meet new people, and see your popularity ratings go up.
Get Involved
Are you another incarnation of “Alice in Wonderland”? If so, it won’t help you be popular. A bit of seclusion is good but don’t live in your own world all the time. Go all out and get involved in the events around you. Join clubs, enroll in organization, or just help around your friends to throw a party or even help a pal finish a project.
Be Friendly And Approachable
Unless you are friendly and approachable, you can only dream to be a popular girl. So be friendly and have a smile ready for everyone. Don’t act snooty and be approachable. Popular people have many friends and a friendly approach can make you popular. Don’t act stuck-up and instead walk the extra mile to make friends.
Don’t Be A Gossip Girl
Well the series may be very popular but being a “gossip girl” won’t help you in any way. Gossiping may give you an instant pleasure but it will only rot your image in long term. There is no harm in non-toxic chatting however, trying to belittle others will only put you in “mean girls” category.

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