Asking a girl to a dance can be an unnerving experience for almost all guys. Follow instructions on how to ask a girl to the prom.

How To Ask A Girl To Prom

The D-Day a.k.a, the Prom, is just 3 weeks away. You have decided on what to wear, how to groom and have also got yourself a nice jacket for the same. However, one major and very important thing is yet to be finalized. Asking a girl out for the prom! Yes, the very thought brings jitters to you and sends shivers down your spine. You have always wanted to ask that cute girl in your class to a dance but never really got an opportunity. Now, is your chance. Just go through these instructions below and you shall know how to ask a girl to the prom. 
  • Know which girl you want to ask out. She should be fairly known to you and if nothing, should be at least on talking terms with you. By talking terms, I mean more than just ‘Hi’. She should be sharing a common class or an extra curricular activity with you. This will make it all the more easy as you both already know each other.
  • Casually, try to find out if she has planned a date with someone else or is free. Strike up a conversation with her and talk about what you have decided for the prom and ask what she will be wearing. Then casually, ask if she has got a date. Make sure you ask it in the flow of conversation; hesitating to ask it will make her and you, both uncomfortable.
  • If you don’t want to ask her, approach a close friend of hers to know. Don’t just blurt out the question as there chances of her going upto your prospective date and reporting this. She might just think you are spying on her! Ask her friend what she is doing for the prom and casually mention who all have dates. Then ask about her friend, generally. Don’t end the conversation once you get your answer. Talk for five more minutes so as not to make it obvious and then leave.
  • Once you know she is free, catch up with her in a place that is not too crowded; say, the locker room or the lawn in the evening. Make sure she is alone and not with friends. Ask the question with confidence and calmness. Don’t just go and thrust it up on her face. Talk casually, ask how her day was and then approach the subject. Don’t delay it too much and deviate from the topic. Be yourself; ask in a normal tone if she would be alright to go to the prom with you.
  • If she answers in the affirmative, don’t start jumping around, giggling away to glory. Just smile happily and say you are glad and will let her know the details like the timing in a couple of days. If she says ‘No’, though you will be disappointed, don’t make it too obvious. Consider that she may be thinking of bringing someone else along or may not like to go to the dance. Never ever ask why she refused or persuade her to come. Respect her answer and just say it’s alright.

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