Are you looking for some good ways to ask a girl to prom? If yes, then explore the article and check out some creative ways of asking a girl to prom.

Good Ways To Ask A Girl To Prom

Prom night is around the corner and you are looking for ways to ask the hot chick to accompany you to the occasion, isn't it? Whether she is your girlfriend, or you have filed her into the "just friends" category, asking her to prom in a creative way will project your image as the "guy with guts"! If you are looking for some good ways, which will not land you with a tight slap or embarrass that girl, this article is what you need. Go through the following lines and learn some creative ways to ask a girl to prom.
Ways Of Asking A Girl To Prom 
  • A cute way to ask a girl to prom is to present her with a beautiful corsage. Get it done by a florist. To present it, simply knock the door of your partner and stand in front of her, with the prom corsage and then pop up the question - 'will you go to prom with me?"
  • Send a funny or cute text message to the girl, followed by the question, "will you go to prom with me?" at the end of the message. If you have a video option on your phone, you may send her an MMS, asking for the same.
  • One of the surefire ways to ask a girl to prom is to write the message in sidewalk chalk. Make sure that you do it within her home's premises. You may also write the question on the street, outside her residence.
  • Fill a box with chocolate candy bars. Leave a note inside it, asking her to prom. Deliver it to her by hand. She will be surprised to see the note inside the box full of chocolates!
  • Write the details of the prom night on separate slips. Make a beautiful bouquet of colorful balloons. Tie one slip to each balloon in the bouquet and deliver it to your prom date at her home, workplace or classroom.
  • Sneak into your date's lawn and spell out the invitation for the prom night. To do this, poke knives and forks into the grass of her lawn. Leave your photo beside it, so that she figures out who has invited her for the night.
  • Call on four of your friends. Provide each of them white t-shirts, to wear. Paint the letters of the word 'prom' on each t-shirt. Ask your friends to wear the 'custom' t-shirt and a face mask as well. Now, stand behind them and ask them to knock the doors of your prom date. As the girl opens the door and spells out the word written on the t-shirt, stand in front of her and ask the question.
  • Send an invitation, requesting her to accompany you at the prom night. Use your best handwriting for the purpose. Seal it in a nice envelope and wrap a ribbon around the outside of the envelope.
  • Buy a dozen or roses and make a bouquet, together with her favorite flowers. Tuck a best wishes note with it, where you have written the word 'Prom?" along with your name. Ask the florist to deliver the bouquet to her place.
  • Leave a lovely greeting card on her doorstep, asking her to go out to prom.

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