While choosing and presenting a wedding gift to a couple, it is important to follow the basic etiquette. The wedding gift etiquette guide given here will prove to be handy.

Wedding Gift Etiquette

The wedding gifts chosen for a newly married couple should be as memorable as the ceremony itself. While choosing the presents for the bride/groom, you might have considered everything, starting from its price to the personal preferences of the person receiving it. However, have you even given a thought to the etiquette that should be followed, while choosing as well giving the present to the newly weds? As a matter of fact, following the etiquette is as important as making the right choice of the gift, because wedding is an important occasion in one's life. Check out the wedding gift etiquette given in the lines below and know how to make the present stay in the memory of the newly-wed couple for a long time.
Wedding Gift Etiquette Guide 
  • Even if you are not planning to attend the wedding, be courteous to send a gift for the couple. This shows that you acknowledge the joyous occasion, even if you are not present there.
  • Your gift always doesn't have to be large and expensive. A neatly packed gift, even if it is inexpensive and small, can create a lasting impression on the person receiving it. Therefore, do not forget to gift-wrap the present.
  • Be sure to mention your name in the gift, so that the person knows whom to thank. Tuck a best-wishes note, along with your name, handwritten on the gift, neatly.
  • According to the etiquette, you should consider the likes and dislikes of the couple, while purchasing the gift. Whether it is a keepsake or something useful for them, whatever you choose, it should suit their taste.
  • Never give one of the gifts that you received at your wedding as a present to your friend or family member. Recycling gifts is strictly against the etiquette.
  • Do not overwhelm the couple with presents, if they have already mentioned 'no gifts please' in their wedding invitation. However, in this case, you can always give a thoughtful gift, such as donation for a charity, in their name
  • If a couple of months have passed since the wedding and you have received no acknowledgement or thank you card from the gift receiver, then, according to the etiquette, it is suggested to find out from the groom or the bride, whether they have received your gift or not.

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