Wedding and etiquette go hand-in-hand. Scroll through this article to find information on proper etiquettes for a wedding.

Proper Wedding Etiquette

Finally, you have decided to take the big step in your life - wedding. As you have committed yourself to a life of love, respect and trust, wedding takes your relationship to a deeper and meaningful level. For this reason, weddings are regarded as one of the most special days in a person’s life and that’s why, every would-be bride and groom want their wedding to be an affair cherished throughout life. While planning the wedding process, often couples get confused and end up showing a haywire ceremony. But, these embarrassing and upsetting situations can by far be avoided by following various etiquettes of a wedding. Find out what rules and etiquettes are attached in turning your most important day of the life into a never-forgetting gala in the lines below. Check them out.
Proper Etiquette For A Wedding
Who Pays for What?
One of the foremost and most important things to consider after the wedding date is fixed is the budget of the wedding. Will the ceremony be formal, semi-formal or informal? In case it is a formal wedding, it’s going be an expensive affair. The next question is - who pays for what? While, traditionally the bride’s parents bear the responsibility of organizing the wedding; this trend has largely changed in the recent years. Parents of both the bride and groom share the expenses. Nonetheless, the wedding ring plays a vital role in the wedding. Thus, the wedding ring for the bride is bought by the groom’s parents and vice versa.
Pre-Wedding Celebrations  
Today’s weddings are largely getting trendy and classy by hosting small parties and functions to celebrate the upcoming wedding. However, what’s most noting about these parties is that none of these parties should be hosted neither by the groom or bride. For instant, one of the bridesmaid or friends of the bride should ideally host the bridal shower and likewise, the bachelor party should be hosted by the groomsmen or the best man. As per the proper wedding etiquette, the rehearsal dinner is the sole responsibility of the groom’s parents.
The couple should strictly make note of a few etiquettes while sending wedding invitations. Most couples send the ‘save the date card’ assuming that they are done with their responsibility of sending the invitation cards. However, ‘save the date card’ only informs the invitees to keep themselves free on that particular date. In case you are planning for a formal wedding and do not want kids to wander around, address the card to the couple only. Conversely, if you wish to invite children above 18 years, send them a separate invitation. In case your guests haven’t reverted to your invitation a week before D-day, make sure that you call them to confirm their presence.
Undoubtedly, wedding and proper etiquettes go hand-in-hand. This relationship becomes even more special when it comes to gifts. Instead of asking the guests about their registry information, you can get connected with a few wedding gift retailers and pass on their information to your guests through close friends and family. Also, make sure that you do not open the shower gifts unless you are actually married since etiquettes indicate that you have to return the gifts in case your wedding gets cancelled or postponed. Furthermore, keep away from instantly opening the gifts at your wedding reception in front of the guests. Jot down the comments on thank-you notes and send them to each guest later on.

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