It is very necessary to follow proper etiquette for cocktail parties, whether you are a regular or a novice. With this article, explore cocktail party etiquette in detail.

Cocktail Party Etiquette

There was a time when cocktail parties were meant to be the affairs of only the high and mighty. However, all this has changed with the passing time. The concept has become quite common these days, especially in the corporate world. Still, not many people are comfortable with the cocktail parties, mostly because they are new to the concept. Are you one amongst them? If yes, the cocktail party etiquettes listed in the following lines would prove extremely useful to you, ensuring that you do not end up doing something unacceptable at such a party.
Proper Etiquette For Cocktail Parties
If you have received a formal invitation for a cocktail party, it is important to acknowledge it, through RSVP. In case a self-addressed stamped envelope has been provided by the host, make sure to post it, telling him/ her whether you would be able to attend the party or not. If there is no envelope, either call the host or send your reply by letter.
Dressing Up
While dressing up for a cocktail party, you need to keep in mind whether it is a cocktail buffet, cocktail party or cocktail reception. In the first one, semi-formal or casual attire will do well, while the second would require you to dress up semi-formally. Finally, we come down to cocktail receptions, which would require very formal dress from you.
Mingling With The Crowd
If you have been invited to a cocktail party, keep in mind the fact that the whole purpose behind it is to give you a chance to mingle with new people, make or solidify your connections and even strike deals. So, make sure that you do not end up sitting in a corner nursing a drink. Speak to people and even allow them to introduce you to other people.
At a cocktail party, you need to follow proper etiquettes while eating as well. For instance, be sure to bring a napkin whenever you eat something. In case of appetizers that are being carried around on plates, pick one at a time and place it whole in your mouth. If the food is being served in a buffet, do not make too many rounds of the table.
Whenever you are drinking something, make sure to put it in a glass beforehand. Drinking from a glass bottle or can is a strict no-no. If you are having wine, remember that red wine glass is held by the bowl, while you hold white wine glass by the stem. Never ever place your drink on tables or surfaces that may stain. At the same time, drink only that much alcohol which you can hold.
Basic Manners
There are certain basic manners that need to be followed at a cocktail party as well. For instance, you should not drink too much and end up getting drunk. Always maintain eye contact when you are talking to someone. Be polite while requesting something from the party staff. Do not forget to say ‘thank you’ to the host and hostess before leaving the party and even bid farewell to other guests.

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