This section on Geography contains interesting trivia and information on geographical facts.

Thunderstorm Facts

A thunderstorm is an enigmatic phenomenon of lightning, thunder and rain or hailstorm. To know more about thunderstorms and learn some interesting facts about it, keep reading this article.

Facts About Great Barrier Reef

Get a glance of mother nature at its best in the Great Barrier Reef. Scroll further for amazing and interesting facts about Great Barrier Reef.

Facts About Yellow River

Yellow River is known as ‘Mother River of China’. Go ahead and find out more amazing and interesting facts about this river.

Facts About Panama Canal

Panama Canal is a manmade water canal that connects Atlantic Ocean with Pacific Ocean. Read this article to know some amazing and interesting facts about this engineering wonder.

Facts About Suez Canal

Suez Canal, an artificial sea-level waterway in Egypt, is referred as ‘the Highway to India’. Read further for more amazing and interesting facts about Suez Canal.

Facts About Angel Falls

Angel Falls are situated above 3230 feet from the base of the remote Venezuela jungle. Sounds interesting! Scroll further to know more amazing and interesting facts about Angel Falls.

Facts About Amazon River

Amazon River is considered as the world’s mightiest river. Want to know more amazing and interesting facts about Amazon River? Go ahead.

Facts About Nile River

River Nile is responsible for the green, fertile lands of Egypt. Read further to find out more amazing and interesting facts about Nile River.

Facts About Black Sea

The name ‘Black Sea’ was derived from the Ottoman Turkish word, Kara. Read further to find some more amazing and interesting facts about Black Sea.

Types Of Rainfall

Rainfall can be divided into different types. Scroll down and learn all about different types of rain that earth witnesses.

Facts About Red Sea

Red Sea, apart from being the most sought after diving destination, has much more to offer in terms of information. Scroll further and read more amazing and interesting facts about Red Sea.

Types Of Earthquakes

All the major types of earthquakes, both natural and manmade, have been elaborately discussed in the lines below. Read on and learn all about various kinds of earthquakes.

Facts About Earthquake

Earthquakes are tremors or quivering felt on the ground generated by the tectonic movements of the plates underneath earth’s surface. Read on for some amazing and interesting facts about earthquake.

Facts About Victoria Falls

There are seven natural wonders of the world. The spectacular Victoria Falls is among these natural wonders. Read this article to know some exciting facts about Victoria Falls.

Facts About Dead Sea

Have you ever visited the salty waters of the Dead Sea? It is a mesmerizing experience! This article will equip you with some amazing and interesting facts about Dead Sea.

Facts About Soil

What is so interesting about soil? This could be the question that shows exactly how unaware we are about our planet and its amazing resources. Read this article for some interesting facts about soil.

Facts About Caspian Sea

The Caspian Sea is actually the largest lake in the world. Ironical, isn’t it? Read on for more interesting and amazing facts about Caspian Sea.

Facts About Rocky Mountains

Explore this article to know some interesting facts about Rocky Mountains, which are among the most prominent mountain ranges in the world.

How Volcanoes Erupt

Irrespective of how different volcanoes look like, they all are caused due to the same element called magma from beneath the earth. But how do they erupt? Discover the eruption of a volcano herein.

Smallest Countries By Population

Not just too tiny in size, some nations have a population less than the population of even a remote Russian village. Discover the world’s smallest countries by population, in this piece.

Smallest Countries By Area

Read this article about smallest countries in the world. You are sure to find unfamiliar names of countries which you thought didn’t even exist until now. Explore and know the world better.

Rainforest Facts

Rainforests signifies all the beauties and bounties of nature. Go through the article, to explore some interesting and fun facts about rainforests.

What Causes Waves

Waves are gorgeous and remind you of how beautiful nature really is! Let’s discuss what causes these wonderful waves.

Tallest Mountains In The World

The tallest mountains of the world are the best examples of divinity's artwork. Here are details of the highest mountain peaks in the world.

What Causes Day And Night

Ever wondered what causes day and night to appear every day, consistently? Go through the article to get information about the day and night cycle.

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