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Smallest Countries By Area

“The bigger the better” is what most people say about most of the stuff and even strive to go for them. To achieve the biggest and to reach soaring heights is the motto - “I want to buy the biggest car for myself”, “I want to get the biggest piece of the cake”, “I want to get the biggest dog as my pet, even if it’s the size of a horse”, “I want to be the biggest person in this world”, or “I want to make a trip to the biggest country in the world”. The bigger may be better, but it is also exhausting and overwhelming. What’s more, we are never satisfied with what we once thought was biggest and keep panting for even bigger things. This is in sharp contrast to a whole other sect which believes “Good things come in small packages”. Why does a new born baby look like the face of God himself? Isn’t a Chihuahua the smallest and the cuddliest dog in the world? Hasn’t a computer come down from being a 6 foot tall building to 6 inches long super machine? Even the biggest thing in this universe, a star, shrinks down to mere invisibility towards the end of its life via implosion. The biggest joys in this world are hidden in the smallest of things, or places. The bigger may be the better, but the smallest is the most exotic and satisfactory of the lot. The same holds true in case of countries. If you ever want to take a world tour, we would suggest including the smallest countries of this world in your tour diary. After all, who knows that the best artwork created by God maybe hidden in the most secluded and smallest places on earth? Read about the smallest countries in the world and know for yourself:
Smallest Countries In The World
10. Maldives
The tenth smallest country in the world with an area of just about 115 sq. miles, Maldives, is comprised of close to 200 islands from among 2000 islands from the Indian Ocean. With a combined population of only 340,000, it has been an independent country since 1965 (got free from England’s rule). It is the smallest Asian country in terms of population and area. The islands of Maldives are known for their beaches and marine life. Maldives prove to be a perfect getaway for adventurous lovers and romantic souls.
9. Seychelles
The ninth smallest country of the world with an area of just 107 square miles, Seychelles, is comprised of 115 islands. Though located in the Indian Ocean, northeast of Madagascar, it is considered an African country. With a combined population of only 84,000, Seychelles has been an independent country, since 1976 (got free from England’s rule). Popular for its beaches, water sports, and rich marine life which provides for the economy, Seychelles is just the perfect place to spend an exotic holiday. Also, don’t forget to try the double-sided coconuts when in this idyllic country.
8. Saint Kitts and Nevis
The eighth smallest country in the world with an area of just 104 square miles, Saint Kitts and Nevis, is a Caribbean country located in the Caribbean Sea, with a population of just 39,000 people. It gained its independence in the year 1983. The islands of Saint Kitts and Nevis are known for their lush greenery combined with the warmth of the sun and the breeziness of the sea. A perfect Caribbean adventure!
7. Marshall Islands
The seventh smallest country/ collection of atolls, reefs, and 34 islands with a population of just over 58,000, Marshall Islands is spread over in just 70 square miles. Marshall Islands gained independence in 1986 from the trust territory of pacific islands, which was administered by the United States of America. They are famous for many historic sites and buildings, The Alele Museum for having preserved the history and local traditions of Marshallese culture, and over 160 species of coral surrounding the islands.
 6. Liechtenstein
The sixth smallest country in the world with an area of just 62 square miles, Liechtenstein, is located on the river Rhine between Switzerland and Austria. Located completely within the Alps mountain range with a population of just over 34,000 people, it is the one and only alpine country. A fabulous place to have cheese and wine (not together though) and also famous for being the largest producer of dentures in the world, it is invaded by tourists for trekking and hiking purposes, because of its lush green forests and the feel of an uncharted territory.
5. San Marino
The fifth smallest country in the world with an area of just 24 square miles, San Marino, sits right on Mount Titano in North-Central Italy and claims the title of being the oldest state in Europe for being constituted on 3rd Sept 301 by a stone cutter Marinus of Rab. With a population of just 29,000, San Marino is famous for its historic castles, other medieval architecture, and duty free shopping.
4. Tuvalu
The fourth smallest country in the world composed of 9 coral atolls spread across just 9 square miles in Polynesia, Tuvalu, is a home to just about 12,000 people. Having gained independence in 1978 from England, Tuvalu boasts some of the finest Palm fringed beaches and splendid looking lagoons.
3. Nauru
The third smallest country in the world, Nauru is also the world’s smallest island nation spread over just 8.5 square miles with a population of just 13,000 people. It was declared independent in 1968 and has only one air landing strip which connects it to the rest of the world.
2. Monaco
The second smallest country in the world with an area of just 0.7 square miles, Monaco, is situated south of France, on the Mediterranean Sea. It holds the city of Monte Carlo, which is a hub for many millionaires, billionaires, boats, and clubs and casinos. With a population of just about 32,000 people, Monaco is one of the most expensive real estate markets in all of the Europe.
1. Vatican City
The smallest country in the world located in Rome, Italy, with an area of just 0.2 square miles and population of just 770 people, most of whom are not permanent residents. Its centre of attraction being Saint Peters Basilica, which is crowded by tourists from all over the world throughout the year, as it is the spiritual centre for the world’s Christians and Catholics.
Next time you think of taking a vacation, think of these countries that, although the smallest, are richest in natural exquisiteness than many big countries. Discover a whole new side of earth that you thought didn’t exist!

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