Read this article about how to control your anger and avoid hurting yourself and others. Make your way to serenity with these anger management techniques.

Controlling Anger

Although considered one of the most natural ways of letting out emotions, anger, is also the most destructive emotion, for you and your family and friends. There are two types of anger - righteous and unrighteous. Anger is considered righteous, when someone gets angry over of some wrongful act or a justifiable reason deemed fit by the society. The other type is the unrighteous and demonic anger, which occurs when someone gets all worked up over things that don’t work out according to his/her will. Although it’s best to avoid getting angry over anything, be it righteous or unrighteous and calm yourself down but , sometimes, it is not possible to due an overload of emotions. Getting used to expressing anger regularly turns it into an addiction, and it starts showing its ugly face in the most innocent of occurrences. This is when, from anything to everything can make you irritable and have you breathing fire through your nostrils. Uncontrollable anger stems from excessive drug or alcohol use, family issues, financial instability, or spiritual void. It starts from being a minor urge and quickly turns into a raging bull ready to hit you at the slightest of mishaps. Apart from hurting your loved ones, anger results in feeling of guilt, depression, consistent irritability, physically hurting others and ultimately, your own self. And the physical side effects of it are not any less either, for it causes high blood pressure, increased heart rate and possibly, even a stroke. Good news is that anger is completely curable and can be controlled. It’s like giving up on addiction; it will cause you much pain before it leaves, but eventually you’ll take over it and will be at peace with yourself and everybody else around you. Continue reading if you want to control your anger and want it out of your system:
Anger Management Techniques
Laughter Yoga
Joining a laughter yoga club that combines the pure joy of laughing with yogic breathing (pranayama) is the easiest and funniest way to get rid of that anger that you’ll ever come across. It’s a great stress buster technique that will help you release those built up emotions inside you through laughter, rather than by screaming at someone. It’ll also help to get rid of the causes and curses from your anger i.e. hypertension, depression, and heart diseases.
Whenever there’s a situation that is getting you hopped up with anger, take a deep breath, leave the situation for the moment and isolate yourself in your room, while you recollect your thoughts and sane behavior. Throwing and breaking stuff won’t do any good. Write down your emotions on a piece of paper and then throw it away. The paper was your outlet for built up anger, and throwing it away will also throw away your anger. Now go back to the situation that made you angry and deal with it sanely and calmly without hurting anyone.
Prayer And Meditation
Meditating and saying a prayer every now and then on a daily basis will help you lose out on that negative energy and deal with situations positively, without getting angered. You can either take up regular yogic meditation classes or read spiritual books half an hour every day in the morning and before going to sleep, beginning and ending with a prayer. It doesn’t have to be a full-fledged prayer, just taking the name of who you believe in will do. Reciting short verses or phrases from these books, multiple times in a day, will help calm you down and make you feel at peace with your surroundings.
Talk To Someone
Sometimes anger resurfaces over and over again, simply because we couldn’t find an outlet for our built-up emotions. At these moments, talking to your best friend will do a lot of good. Your best friend can be your friend, a family member, or your partner; somebody who you relate to and feel comfortable talking and confronting to. Sometimes this is all that you need, just a good talk and anger is out of the system.
Anger Management Therapy/ Treatment
Learning how to cope up with anger, rather than keeping it inside, taking grudges, and exploding later, is the motive of anger management therapy. You can consult a licensed professional and get yourself going through anger management therapy sessions. Therapy includes frustration tolerance techniques, meditation and relaxation techniques. The anger management therapist will not only indulge you in therapy sessions, but also listen to your problems and views, thus providing you with an outlet to let out the emotions. And a group therapy with other agitated people will help you understand the reasons for your abrupt behavior and will help you see the positive side in yourself and others.
It takes years to build a relation and just minutes to end it. Free yourself from all the anger with these anger management techniques. Don’t let your red devil destroy what your white angel worked so hard upon!

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