Attracting a Cancer is definitely no piece of cake. If you are still willing to hang on by your fingernails to attract them, read this article and anticipate success!

How To Attract A Cancer

Astrology is an interesting study that predicts human affairs and personality traits by observing the movements and positions of the celestial bodies. Many of us are ardent followers of the daily horoscope and take the implications brought forth by one’s zodiac signs seriously. On the other hand, some dismiss star signs and horoscopes as utter trash. However, those that do believe in zodiac signs and their prophecies, pursue this fad to the extent on determining compatibility with partners and analyzing the traits of one’s star sign to roll out meticulous techniques to attract them. What do we do when we want to attract a cancer man or a cancer woman?  If we are ardent believers of zodiac sign, we probably are aware of the fact that cancerians are ruled by the moon and are easily identifiable by their vicious mood swings and sentimental outbursts. You have deduced from personal experience that horoscopes are as accurate as a dart player consistently nailing the bulls-eye, then don’t withdraw yourself from playing by the zodiac cards! No doubt, a cancer is definitely not the easiest target but if he or she is on your mind, it’s certainly worth a shot. Read this article and adopt a few good techniques to attract one.
Ways To Attract Cancerians
How To Attract A Cancer Male
We probably have been introduced to cancer as a cardinal water sign. Of all the cancer males you have crossed paths with; you must’ve gathered that the majority are gentle, tender and more sensitive than other men. It will take you relatively longer to attract a cancer male since you will need to dig deep and explore his buried feelings while cleverly influencing his emotions. 
  • Break them out of their shell as you engage in deep conversations. Cancer males aren’t too fond of very crowded places which are why you ought to give him some time to get used to you. During the initial stages, always try to remain in his eyesight whenever you within his proximity. This way he will be more familiar to him and hence, you will inevitably be absorbed into his comfort zone. 
  • He tends to dwell in the past and you need patience to help him get over past mistakes and prod him to move on. Don’t overburden him with your problems and give him a chance to open up. On the bright side, he will be considerate enough to listen to your dilemmas since cancer males are usually great listeners. 
  • Give him a heads-up and be supportive of his goals. Encourage him to chase his dreams while capitalizing on his talents.
Cancer males irrefutably suffer from a weakness for romance. Cook him a candlelight dinner. Fix him his favorite simple meal. Get some white or red wine, if he has weakness for that too. Sway to mellow, sensual and romantic blues tunes as a stronger connection develops.  
  • Write him some candid poetry with romantic overtones. You will surely steal his heart by the end of the night.  
  • Compliment him every now and then. They often tend to be insecure about their appearance. He is likely to be uncomfortable when placed in new surroundings. If you want him to fall for you, stick to him and don’t give him a chance to feel left out! 
  • Strike conversations about collecting stamps, coins or posters. Cancerians love collections and collectibles. 
  • Take note that Cancer males are generally said to be most compatible with Taurians, Virgos, Pisceans and Scorpions. They are least compatible with Aquarians, Leos, Librans and Sagittarians! 
How To Attract A Cancer Woman
 Just remember that the cardinal rule to attracting a cancer female is to give in to their emotional needs and cravings. Cancer women thrive on emotions and if you succeed in stimulating strong volatile emotions, you are succeeding in your mission to attract! Let’s delve deeper into the secrets of charming a cancerian female.  
  • Yes, every worthwhile relationship begins with a n intense conversation. But then you wonder how do you ignite an intense conversation? Firstly, calm down and stop making a hundred different gestures with your hand that might prompt her to doubt your heterosexuality. The safest bet is to casually inquire about her family. It might be a touchy topic for her and hence be prepared to listen intently. Console her if she’s enduring an emotional rollercoaster and drop in a few words of assurance.
  • Make her laugh! This might be a tough one since cancer females aren’t easy to crack up. You must be well gifted with a subtle sense of humor to put a smile on her face. Slapstick humor will convince her that you aren’t the right match for her. However, humor isn’t essential for winning her heart. Intelligence, Rationality and Decency are the traits a conventional cancer woman seeks out for in a man.
  • Evade all cues for using sexual innuendos, especially during the primary stages of knowing one another. Anchor your feelings in the purest forms of verbal exchange. Touch her feelings before touching her body!
  • Gradually, pry into her past and acquaint yourself with her most treasured memories and moments. Be creative and create circumstances fir her that are akin to reliving those good memories. Moreover, concentrate on having a good time and create new moments that will be etched in her repository of pleasant memories forever. 
  • As you’ll forge a relationship that is rendered meaningful by her standards, unravel her deepest fantasies and bring them to life!
  • Never make the mistake of criticizing her. Cancer females are very sensitive and do not forgive very quickly. Be her rock and if you want her to be completely attracted to you, you need to win her full trust first!
  • Cancer females don’t like discussing money matters. You could put her off by being too hung up on money! Avoid sparking instances dominated by payment issues.
  • Give importance to her likes and dislikes. Take interest in her hobbies. However, never feign interest as she will quickly dismiss you and label you an impostor.
  • Patience is the mother of all virtues, especially if you’re lifelong mission is to attract a cancer woman. Understand her bad moods. Don’t lose your temper. Instead, let her know that you’re there for her. Give her space. Do not smother her at all costs!
  • A Cancer Woman just like a Cancer Man would fancy a romantic candlelight dinner. Chances of winning her attraction double instantly.
  • Do not compliment her if you don’t mean it. They despise dishonesty and can immediately sense when you’re being untrue. Never betray their trust as regaining it will be a very thorny task.
Still finding it hard to attract a cancer? Maybe you two just aren’t compatible! Accept it and look for greener pastures. 

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