Fed up of leading a single life, but do not know how to put an end to it. Check out the tips given below, to know how to attract girls, and break your single status right now.

Tips For Attracting Women

The reason most of the men remain single is because they do not know how to attract a woman. They make blunder during the initial ‘chase’ stage and end up driving her way, rather than close. This article has been written, keeping in mind those people who still haven’t got a hang of the ‘attraction game’. Attracting women is not a difficult task, provided you know what to do, how and when. Given below are some tips for attracting a woman, which have worked more often than not. Just follow these tips and put an end to your single days.
Tips for Attracting Women 
  • Find Her
    Before attracting a woman, you need to find a woman worth doing the effort. Don’t go out with any woman who shows the slightest interest in you. Rather, wait for the one you are truly meant to be with. 
  • Look Good
    We agree that love is not based on mere physical beauty, but you need to look atleast presentable. Nobody is asking you to go for plastic surgery and change your look completely. Getting a nice haircut, wearing clean and ironed clothes and getting rid of the potbelly is definitely required. 
  • Be Confident
    Be confident of yourself. If you don’t have faith in yourself, how can you expect her to have faith in you? Confidence shows in the way you walk, talk and generally present yourself. A confident poise can go a long way in winning a girl’s approval. 
  • Smell Good
    This goes for your body odor as well as your breath. Use nice cologne and always keep mints handy. However, you are not required to shower yourself with perfumes. Remember, excess of everything is bad.
  • Show Chivalry
    Who said chivalry is an outdated concept. Women still like men who open doors for them, let ladies go first, take out the chair for them, etc. Remember to extend your manners and etiquettes for ladies other than her too. 
  • Be Interesting
    For attracting a woman, it is very necessary to be a good conversationalist. Tell her interesting stories, make her laugh; basically keep her interested in you. At the same time, find opportunities to turn the tables. Ask her about herself, her interest, etc. When she talks, listen to her sincerely. 
  • Flirt
    Girls love to flirt. So, it is better for you to get some flirting tips. If you don’t do this, she will judge your feelings to be purely friendly. You don’t want her to think that, do you? Please don’t go overboard also; otherwise you might come across as too desperate. 
  • Smoothly End the Meeting
    You have been around too much time and have already played all your cards to perfection. Now is the time to make a clean exit. Your chase is over; now let her come after you. Just give her your number and say that you would like to meet again, whenever it’s comfortable for her. And…wait!

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