Want to know what kind of behavior would make your boss angry? Check out some of the annoying habits & actions of employees that bosses hate.

Habits Bosses Hate

Have you been ticking off your boss way too often these days? Do you feel he/she closes in on you for each and every problem that is encountered? For all that you know, you might have invited this situation upon yourself. You could have put up a personal behavior that must have ticked off your boss. This fact was oblivious to you as you are used to behaving in a way that seemed appropriate to yourself. Even though you may have wanted to make a positive impression, it seems like you have rubbed your boss the wrong way! Before you make further mistakes, just read the habits that bosses hate. 
  • When you don’t show enthusiasm or interest in your work or any other project, it shows you are generally uninterested and lazy and are not really appreciated by the boss for this. You have been hired to be a part of an organization; they pay you for the time you spend there. The least you can do is show some interest in what you do. Don’t keep waiting for him/her to come upto you and order you now and then.
  • Another habit that bosses hate is when you show too much enthusiasm and try to interfere in each and everything, give your opinions when they are not asked for and try to be judgmental. Too much of anything is bad and when you show too much of enthusiasm in everything, it is taken as a behavior to please and get your way. Definitely not appreciated by the boss.
  • Making excuses or arguing for each and every mistake is another thing that bosses dislike. You need to differentiate between arguing and giving explanations. Making an excuse implies that you have overlooked your responsibility and are now defending yourself against it. Arguing with a boss is no good either. Though he/she may not scream or shout or argue like you do, may even listen you out calmly, but keep in mind the fact that the damage is done. Accepting your mistake and saying that you will make sure nothing like this happens in future is the best way to call it a truce.
  • No boss comes to office to listen to your cribbing and complaining. Even he has worked hard to reach the level he is at today and cribbing about trivial things is not going to amuse him. If you have a problem, just convey it professionally and if possible, suggest a way out and tell him you need help. Don’t ever complain, try using constructive criticism instead.

You may have doubts now and then about your work and you may want to clarify. But thing is you need to learn from your mistakes and remember what is being told to you. Asking too many questions time and again is only going to irritate your boss and he/she might just blow off steam on you! Also, avoid stupid questions.

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