There are a number of habits that women hate in men. If you want to know your girlfriend/wife better, go through this article and explore habits that a woman likes and dislikes.

Habits Women Hate

Almost every other man, committed, engaged or married; we meet can be heard uttering the phrase "it is so difficult to understand a woman", at some point of time or the other. This is because she can get impressed by the smallest of acts that you do for her and also turn upset at the most trivial of matters. To understand a woman, you need to be aware of the fact that she is much more sensitive as compared to a man. You can make her happy in an instant and also reduce her to tears in a matter of seconds. For her, it is the little things that count, like remembering her birthday, bringing her a rose out of the blue, and so on. If you are not able to decipher a woman even now, the following lines will come handy. We have provided details on the habits women hate, so that you at least know what not to do when with her.
Habits That A Woman Dislikes
Women hate it when their date starts eyeing every woman that passes by or is sitting around them. It not only creates a bad impression about you, but will also make your woman feel inferior as well as embarrassed. Next time you go out with a woman, make sure to keep your eyes, and your attention, fixed on her only.
Late Coming
There is hardly any woman in this world who would not feel annoyed if you arrive late for a date. While she has all the right to come a full hour after the decided time, the same doesn't apply to you. You are always expected to be right on, if not before, time.
One of the habits that women hate is forgetfulness. They cannot stand it if their better half forgets the important things, for instance dates like birthdays, anniversary, Valentine's Day, etc. Though you might be forgiven for passing over trivial issues, remember never ever to overlook things she values.
Lies and Secrecy
Women appreciate men who have the courage to accept the mistakes and learn from them. She will never ever appreciate it if you hide anything from her, no matter how trivial. If it has happened in your life or concerns you in any way, it is important enough for her to know it.
Lack of Chivalry
Almost every woman wants her man to be chivalrous, to have all the qualities of a perfect gentleman. It doesn't means following all the manners and etiquettes around her only. Rather, you should extend this to every woman you meet. At the same time, never ever be rude or mean to those around you, even if they belong to the lower social strata.
Asking Her For Money
Even in the present world, where women have become liberated and demand an equal status, they hate it when a man asks them for money. Never ever ask a woman for her share of money, when out on a lunch or dinner. However, if she insists on giving her half, let her do it, but only after refusing a couple of times.
Taking Her For Granted
It is generally seen that, in a relationship, the woman is generally more attached than the man. However, make sure that you never ever take her love for granted. Rather, every now and then, make sure to show her that you value her presence in her life as well as her love for you.

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