When you are shy, you need to be confident and banish all the fear to flirt with your counterpart. We are here to help the shy people, like you, with some flirting tips.

How To Flirt When You Are Shy

Lack of confidence, low self esteem and social awkwardness are the signs of shyness. Not only can coyness make people drift away from you, it can also send wrong signals about your self confidence. The case where shyness plays the biggest spoilsport is the flirting game. Shy people think that flirting is a hard nut to crack, as it needs the qualities of self esteem, confidence and outgoing nature that they find difficult to exhibit. Apart from being confident, you should also be relaxed, frank and feel free to approach people, to talk and flirt with them. In case you are also shy and feel that flirting is surely not your cup of tea, we are here to prove you wrong. Go through the tips given in this article and know how to flirt when you are shy.
Flirting Tips For Shy People
Be What You Are
You don’t have to pretend to be someone else to impress a person from the opposite sex. Rather, be confident about what and who you are. Recognize the value of your own self.
Don’t Panic
Keep your calm. Take a deep breath before making any move, so that you feel relaxed. It is said that flirting is an art, in which only adept people can succeed. You won’t be able to succeed in this art, if you start panicking the moment you see a member of the opposite sex. 
Enhance Your Self-Confidence
Try to enhance your self-confidence. Recognize your insecurities and remember that no one is perfect. As you do this, people will automatically get attracted to the self-confident person in you. This will help you a great deal in becoming the winner of the flirting game.
Be Friends With People
Instead of jumping right into flirting, look for the ways to first get acquainted with people of the opposite sex. The best way to set the scenario for flirting is to be friends with them. This will make you feel comfortable. As a friend, you will find it easier to open up conversations. It will be easier for you to flirt with a person after you reach a certain level of comfort.
Meet Extroverts
Outgoing people can prove to be quite helpful in overcoming your shyness. At one point of time, you would notice that your shyness does not show itself, when you accompany extroverts. You will enjoy the conversation with them so well that ultimately, you will gain self-confidence that is highly needed to flirt with people.
Do Not Hesitate
Do not hesitate to initiate conversations. When a person approaches you, or it is the other way around, do not afraid to have a chat with him/her, as if you are talking to a friend. Once you combat your hesitation, it will be easier for you to slide into the flirting territory. Moreover, you will feel it natural to carry out the techniques of flirting.

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