There are a number of signs that a woman displays to let you know that she's flirting with you. Explore the article and get info on �how to know a woman is flirting with you�.

Signs She's Flirting With You

Flirting is no longer a game that is played by men only. Rather, women have become an equal participant and at times, might be the first one to initiate the game. However, in case of women, the signs are much more subtle. So, unless and until you have an observant eye and have some idea about the flirting signs beforehand, there are great chances that you will overlook them and blow away a great opportunity. In order to help you understand the game of flirting, as played by women, we have provided some signs that will most probably be displayed by her. Check them out and get all the answers to your question - ‘how to know a woman is flirting with you’.
Signs She's Flirting with You
She Maintains Eye Contact
One of the first signs that a woman can give when she is interested in the flirting game is that of eye contact. The more she engages your gaze with hers, the more are the chances that she is interested in you. In fact, the duration of the eye contact is indicative of her level of initial interest.
She Smiles
If a woman is interested in you, you will notice that her smile towards you holds a very different charm, which can engage you from the remotest corner of a room. If you see that she smiles after maintaining eye contact with you, you have just got another potent signal. Now, smile back.
She Tries to Gain Your Attention
You will find her going out of the way to gain your attention. If she wants to go to the washroom, she will find a route that goes just past you, even though it is the longest one. In case you find her glancing and smiling at you, when she walks by, your chances are definitely very high.
She Plays With Her Hair
There is some relation between women and their hair, especially when they are trying to gain the attention of a guy. She might be twirling her hair around her fingers or just moving a hand between them, or playing with her hair in some other way, but this is surely a flirting sign.
She is Not with Her Friends
The last time you glanced in her direction, you saw her with a group of friends. As you check her out the next time, you see her standing away from her friends, alone. This is one of the sure-shot signs that she is flirting with you. Since most of the women know that a guy finds it hard to approach a female in a group, she is making things easier for you.
She Initiates Conversation
In most cases, guys take the hint when a woman moves away from her comfort zone (group), and approach her. In case you have failed to do that, she might come and initiate a conversation. Though the talk might be trivial, she is trying to show that she is interested in taking things further.
She Touches You

The last and the most fool-proof sign that a woman can give when she is interested in you is touching. The sign will be very subtle, but it will definitely be there. She might touch youR hand slightly during a conversation or put her hand on your knee while making a point. Now, how you take it from here is entirely up to you.

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