For all you girls out there who were still wondering how to flirt with a guy you like, we have the answer. Check out these flirting tips, to know how to impress all those sexy men out there.

How To Flirt With A Guy

Men need vigor and smoothness to flirt, whereas in women it calls for grace and seduction. Ever wondered how that one girl always gets whichever man she wants, yes she knows how to flirt! If flirting gives your jitters and you think that you can never be proficient in it, then think of it like an unfamiliar language; the moment you will learn all the basics of this language, you will be fluent in it. You can learn to flirt from observing a man and then give it your ‘lady’ touch. Learn from men how they just love to flirt, it gives them a big grin on their faces and every little detail of their body language changes. The excitement is palpable and quite obvious to miss. That is exactly what you need to learn from a man – the ability to make it look like it comes naturally to you. Although, you do not have to outrageously flirt like a man; after all, you are a woman, you have got to retain your charm. But you can borrow excitement from our macho opposite gender. You need to set across your image as a warm and approachable girl; throw a bit of ‘sexy’ here and there. You should try and project that you are a bit of everything, a mystery if you will. You must put out a little bit and let men around you feel that they can come and flirt with you as you will be cool with it. Men are super attracted to the kind of women they can flirt with, the women who flirt back. You can make any guy fall head over heels for you if you know how to hit the right buttons flirting-wise. Men like to chase and when you will start flirting back or for that matter initiate the flirting, they will feel like they have met their match and will pursue you to the end. You will be spoilt for choice, so many of them will try to catch your attention. The fact is, it is in you already. Women are born with natural charisma and feminine grace. You probably do not even have to do anything but run your hand through your hair and the poor guy will not be able to resist it. You can express so much from your eyes and your body language that you do not even have to utter a single word to let a guy know that you want him. But if you still want to master the art of flirting, which is highly recommendable, refer to this article on tips to flirt with a guy.
How To Flirt With A Guy
Flirting Tips For Girls
That Killer Smile
It is time to use it, your beautiful smile. If you are sitting in a room full of people and you come across a guy that you really like, all you have to do is smile and turn your eyes away. The next moment he will be by your side. Men cannot defend against a beautiful smile, they are too weak for it. When you are sitting with the guy you like and you both are talking, smile often and he will know that you are into him. You do not even have to pursue him after that, he will follow you around because of the cast that your smile would have spelled on him. Be warm and approachable and do not be rude or bossy around the man you have set your eyes on. Men do not like women who are edgy unreasonably.
Starry-Starry Eyes
Gaze deep into his eyes and let him see how interested you are in him. He will understand the seriousness of it when you will not take your eyes away from his eyes. Imagine how he will feel when he will see you smiling and gazing into his eyes at the same time? He will not be able to bear the happiness of it and will get so weak in his knees that he would barely be able to stand. Play him with your eyes and witness the intensity of its power on him for yourself.
Lady Charm
Oh just pour it all over him! The softness of your voice, the tenderness of your brisk touch, the curls of your locks and the lusciousness of your lips, he will not be able to fight against any of it. Men feel frail in front of women’s feminine charm. All their logic and defenses crumble down when a woman bends over to pick up something from the floor like a wave in the sea. Every time you blush, his heart will sink deep into his chest. Dress to kill and look like a seductress and he will not be able to take his eyes off you. You will become the centre of his universe the moment you will laugh on one of his silly jokes and squeeze his hand lightly. The idea is to let him be under your spell from all the sides, make him a slave of your tender feminine allure.
Tease Him
Playfully tease him and make him work harder to get you. You do not want to be an easy target, you want to make it tricky for him so that he does not lose the interest and keeps on playing this game with you. Be friendly and flirtatious with him, but once in a while bring him down to let him know that you are a tough nut and he needs to work hard on you. It will give him something to fight for.
Your Silken Touch
Every time you will touch him on the arm or shoulder, he will open up more to you and get more comfortable. Nothing makes a guy desire a woman more than her involuntary touch. You can touch his arm briskly but linger on a few more seconds than usual, once in a while. This will give him a hint that you want more than just talking, that you want to take this further.

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