Do you want to know how to become a good kisser? If yes, then read the types of kisses given here & follow the simple kissing techniques, which will surely make you an expert at kissing.

How To Be A Good Kisser

Nobody can deny the beautiful serenity of a kiss. A kiss is a strong expression of love and desire. When you kiss someone, you are telling them that you want them, more than anything. As they say, a kiss becomes a natural expression when words fail to express.  You can not dispute the tremendous potential of a kiss to convey your feelings; whether you feel affection, love, care or desire, you can send across the exact feeling to the person you kiss, by kissing differently. A kiss might say ‘affection’ when you give someone a peck on the cheek or kiss his/her lips lightly, or it can say ‘love’ when you stay pressed against his lips and linger on; it cries out ‘passion’ or ‘desire’ when you clutch on to his waist and kiss him passionately, and does not let him go. It is like; there is a kiss for every mood and expression. First kiss is special in everyone’s life, something that remains unforgettable for the rest of the life. But that does not mean that none of the other kisses matter; every kiss is a memory in itself, whether it is with the same person over and over again or with new people. Even literature has established the artistic significance of a kiss; the legendary discussion on their first kiss by Romeo and Juliet in Shakespeare’s epic love story or the life-like description of it in Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby or the playful kisses of Eugenides’s Middlesex, these beautiful descriptions of kisses are stuck in our minds forever. Whenever we think of a kiss, these kisses take hold of our imaginations, because these are immaculate and complete kisses. It is suffice to say that kisses are desired by all and everyone has high expectations from it. What makes a kiss a brilliant experience and something memorable is how two people were synchronized in it and their timing was perfect. Both of them should have the same rhythm and coordinated hand movements, because honestly, what is worse than having no kiss at all is an awkward kiss. You do not, under any circumstance, want an awkward kiss. An awkward kiss can be defined as an uncomfortable kiss between two people, the kind of kiss that has no harmony and feelings in it. It is more like an uncomfortable experience, physically. It is very much possible to have an awkward kiss even if both the people feel massively attracted to each other. A kiss can really be a game changer and needs to be taken seriously. Does not matter if you are really good in bed or not, you will never get an opportunity to show that if you will not be able to woo your man or woman with your kisses. If you are naturally a good kisser then cherish it, it is god’s gift to you but, if you are a little under confident about your skills as a kisser then let us help you out with it.  
How To Be A Good Kisser
Kissing Tips & Techniques 
Personal Grooming
First and foremost, are you kissable? Will he or she be attracted to come in close proximity to you and kiss? Personal grooming is very important. The breath should not be an issue and your teeth and tongue should be clean. Come to think of it, if your breath smells bad and you have unclean mouth, then why someone should be putting their mouth around your mouth. Be hygienic. Also your lips should look inviting; anyone with a sore and chapped lips issue is generally not a bright candidate for a kiss. Women can wear attractive colors on lips, like, red color is sensuous while pink is peppy and inviting; men should keep their lips moisturized. Facial hair is a big put-off as well. Men should groom their facial hair and make sure that it does not hamper the kissing and facial hair is a big no-no for the ladies, get your upper-lip done right away.  Smelling good is always a plus. When we smell of flowers or oceans or musk, people are drawn towards us automatically. Get rid of that body odor right; it is unpleasant to kiss someone with body odor issue.
Subtle & Careful
Take care of the fact whether or not the other person is also interested in kissing you, as you are. Do not force yourself on someone. If you feel that there is even a slightest chance that the person you want to kiss will be uncomfortable in kissing you or kissing in that particular moment or in that particular environment, then do not. Wait for the right time and opportunity. You do not want to come across as a desperate person. Even if while kissing you feel at any moment that the other person wants to retrieve back , then back off immediately and make sure that he/she is okay. Also, the very first time when you kiss someone, be subtle and do not be too passionate. Kiss him/her a few times on the lip like you are giving them a peck and try to access his/her interest in it. If the person you want to kiss is interested, he/she will himself increase the intensity of the kiss or give you a sign with the touch of his/her hands or make a delicate sound, to let you know that they like it and would like more of it. If he/she in fact wants more of your kissing, then go ahead and do not be shy anymore. Explore your kisser and let him/her know how much you desire him. Also, kissing slowly is considered to be sensuous, an initiator to a physical experience much more passionate.  
Proximity & Position
How close should you be when kissing someone? There are variable answers to this question, because the nature of this question changes with different stages in kissing. If you are kissing him/her for the first time, then do not be too close. Let you body move closer and closer as the passion increases. Do not press your body too hard against their’s, this is bound to make him/her very uncomfortable. Let them explore if they like the feeling of kissing you or not, give them an opportunity to express themselves. Do not rush, there is no rush. Kissing and getting kissed back is a very subtle experience, it needs softness and time. You can softly touch your kissing partner. Start by holding their hands and then keep your hand running from their hair to their back, their thighs to their bum. Do come closer and closer until there is no distance left between you two but, timing is everything. Also, do not forget to moan whenever you feel great, just to let you partner know that you like it and they should do more of that.   
Occasional Breaks
It is absolutely imperative that you take breaks while kissing. It is impossible to kiss continuously for a long time. You have got to breathe and so does the other person.  To be a great kisser, it is important to know how to hold and release your breath. While you take that short and swift break, hold your partner a little tighter to let them know that you are going to come back for him/her. Do not by any means breath inside your partner’s mouth. If you get tired of kissing on the mouth and you want to give your partner some rest too (you do not want them to have sore lips, do you?), start kissing his/her cheeks, neck or earlobes. Like this, you can rest and make your kissing rendezvous all the more interesting.  You might also feel the need to swallow, as the saliva builds up inside the mouth. Get away for a fraction of second, swallow and come back. Do not swallow your saliva while you are kissing because it can hamper the rhythm of your kissing and might spoil the moment.  
Be Creative
Mix it up a bit – suck on each lip alternatively, bring in some tongue action. But be careful with the tongue thing, if you are not in high school anymore then please take care of your tongue and keep it off from evaluating every little corner of your partner’s mouth. Use your tongue with precision and be very gentle with it. At any point if you feel that your partner is not comfortable with your tongue in his/her mouth, take it out. It might not be their style. You can also make your kiss creative by throwing in a few pecks on the cheek and kiss on the earlobes, an occasional suck on it.
Kissing can not take place without two people coming together in one space, in one moment. You need to match your rhythm; your body should flow with your partner’s body. You both should become one and be free to express yourself, but in coherence. Every little moment or touch or change of the intensity should become an indication to the other about what to do next. Feelings, desires and wants are not said in words while kissing, but it is communicated through your body movements and your touch.  
Do Not Be Greedy
Do not take kissing for prelusion to sex. It is a complete act in itself. Do not be greedy and anticipate sex after a few minutes of kissing. It completely depends on your partner, if he/she is expecting the same thing and gets sexual with you and you can fee that for definite then, go ahead and make love. But, do not presume; it is dangerous to make assumptions, you might end up getting very badly judged on this recklessness. Be sensible and try to sensibly understand the fragility of the moment. If you feel like it is just a kiss, then it is just a kiss; wait for next time to make a move for sex.
Different Kiss Types
Many people believe that there are only two types of kisses - check kiss and French kiss. However, the realm of kiss is very vast. To know more, read on! 
  • In the Butterfly Kiss, you bring your face very close to that of your partner and then, flutter your eyelashes rapidly.
  • Cheek Kiss, as we all know, is one of the friendly kisses. It is usually adopted on the first date. You need to gently brush you lips across your partner’s cheek.
  • Earlobe Kiss involves sipping and sucking the earlobe of the partner. Since you are so close to the ear, do not make too loud noises.
  • In the Eskimo Kiss, you gently rub your nose with that of your partner.
  • Eye Kiss, as the name suggests, implies giving a tender kiss on the closed eyes of the partner.
  • You can do the Finger Kiss, while relaxing with your partner. Take his/her fingers and gently suck on them.
  • Considered an erotic kiss, Foot Kiss involves gently sucking the toes and then, kissing the foot very lightly.
  • Forehead Kiss is meant to be the friendliest kiss. You simply brush your lips across your partner’s forehead.
  • Freeze Kiss, also known as Melt Kiss, is the one in which you put an ice cube into your mouth and kiss your partner, while passing the cube to his/her mouth with your tongue.
  • French Kiss is the most sensual kiss amongst all. At times called the Soul Kiss, it involves the tongue along with the lips.
  • While doing the Fruity Kiss, you put a piece of a juicy fruit between your lips. While kissing you nibble a part of the fruit, while he nibbles the other.
  • In Hand Kiss, you raise your partner’s hand to your lips and brush them lightly across the tip of the hand.
  • Hot and Cold Kiss involves first licking your partners lips to make them warm and then, blowing on them to make them cold. Keep alternating.
  • Lick Kiss is gently running your tongue over your partner’s lips, just before kissing.
  • Lip Sucking Kiss means that you suck on the lower lip of the partner while kissing.
  • For Neck Nibble Kiss, start with nibbling you way up and down your partner’s neck. Finally, place a gentle kiss on his/her lips.
  • Nip Kiss will require you to slightly nibble on your partner’s lips, while kissing. Make sure you do not end up biting him/her.
  • While doing the Shoulder Kiss, come from behind your partner, give a slight hug and then, kiss the top of his/her shoulder.
  • You can do the Sip Kiss while drinking something sweet. Take a sip of the drink, leaving a little of it on your lips, and gently kiss your partner.
  •  In Trickle Kiss, you take a sip of your favorite drink and then, trickle it into your partner’s mouth while kissing.
  • Wake Up Kiss is more about time than technique. Just before your partner is about to wake up, kiss him/her - starting with the cheeks and ending at the lips. Then, softly say - Good Morning!

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