Videogame addiction is a growing cause of concern amongst children in India. Read about the growing menace of Video Games Addiction in children and its treament.

Video Games Addiction In Children

The world of fantasy has always attracted kids and children. The thrill of playing videogames gives a high that is completely incomparable. In fact, ask any teenager or pre-teen kids and they will dish out a whole thesis on some of the most incredible gaming experiences they have ever had. Till some extent, it may serve as an entertainment purpose to kids and may keep them busy and distracted for some time. But let us not forget the adage ‘excess of anything is bad’. In some cases, it may be worse.
Look Out
Children in urban cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, etc. are facing a new disorder these days. Popularly known as videogame addiction, this is not something that can be discussed in a light vein and laughed over. Videogame addiction sometimes results in serious behavioral disorders and sometimes, may even prove fatal. Though videogames are very compelling to kids as they involve the application of new skills, it is when they become an addiction that you face a problem. When a kid starts to shun away other activities and fully concentrates on playing the game is when you must consider that the problem is quite serious and some immediate action must be taken.
Good, Bad and Ugly
Videogames can help in building of perception and can hone up logical skills. Games like puzzles, word building and those that give a particular situation and ask you to solve it successfully are quite helpful. The violent ones are the main ones that should be avoided. Most of them have very disturbing images and may also use abusive and objectionable language. It becomes worse if your kid steals out time just to satisfy his fantasies. There are many symptoms of videogame addiction like persistent thoughts of the game, urge to spend more time playing it, inability to stop playing, lying in order to play it, resorting to illegal activities to play the game, etc.
Psychologists and doctors in India claim that the only way out is by keeping a tab and moderating the use of videogames. Parents are responsible for this and they must make sure that they buy games that are less addictive and more entertaining. Set strict timings for playing videogames and do not let children play on their own or when no one is around. Make sure they do not neglect other activities like playing outside and studying. Peer pressure is another factor that results in addiction. So when they go over to a friend’s pace, make sure you have a talk with the parents to keep a tab over the children.

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