Internet sex addiction has resulted in a drastic change in the behavior of netizens across the globe. Explore the article and learn about the causes and symptoms of Cybersex addiction.

Internet Sex Addiction

Internet has provided us a large number of benefits - increased knowledge, reduced communication barriers, a much wider reach across the globe, and so on. However, the same internet has also resulted in various bad effects as well, of which the most prominent is cybersex. As the name suggests, Cybersex is the virtual encounter to sex, by watching or discussing about explicit sexual material. In this situation, two or more persons connected via internet exchange messages that describe a sexual experience. Commonly performed in cyber cafes, internet sex is now a common sight at home, workplaces and even at educational institution. An addiction to internet sex addiction has resulted in drastic psychological changes in the netizens. Given below are the causes and symptoms of Cybersex addiction.
Causes Of Cybersex Addiction
Since internet is an information bank, it provides great accessibility to all kinds of content, including offensive. The facility is misused by millions of netizens, to get access to sexual material and even their potential sexual partners. They can access internet from numerous locations such as home, cyber cafes, schools, even from the workplace. Unlike other access points to sex, such as the ’red light' (prostitution) areas, sex shops, strip clubs, the netizens are provided with round-the-clock service on the internet. The freedom to choose the location and time has added to the convenience of the people, addicted to internet sex.
Cybersex provides an opportunity for the user to separate himself/herself from the rest of the people around him/her and enter into a world of fantasy of his choice. Unlike the other forms of sex addictions, internet sex provides no risk of sexually transmitted diseases or similar infections to the person in question. By browsing through the internet for porn videos, obscene photographs and chatting with the potential sexual partner, the user feels that he/she is doing no harm to himself/herself. This feeling drives the user to resort to the cyber world to satisfy his/her addiction.
The user often wants to keep his/her identity anonymous, whenever indulged in internet sex. For the purpose, he/she feels that internet would be the best bet, which allows the users to maintain their anonymity, while obtaining porn or having sexual interactions with other people online. In contrast with what is seen when people go to strip clubs, the users of internet feel that they cannot be recognized, when they are online. Moreover, the user is given the option to project a completely fabricated image online, with fake address, photographs, age, gender, which is otherwise impossible, while using other forms of sexual interactions.
A one-hour interaction online doesn't cost too much. This advantage is misused by the users, who are addicted to Cybersex. Affordability is the driving factor, which provokes the user to have access to porn and other sexual material. In addition to this, the user can avoid 'unwanted material' including advertisements, articles, thus reducing the waste of time in reaching the desired content. The low-cost means of satisfying their sexual desire has proven to be one of the prime causes for the increased tally of Cybersex, over the years.
The Lure of Fantasy
Cybersex allows the user to get into the world of sexual fantasies, without the risk of rejection or ridicule. Some of the internet sex products available online have provided a wide range of options to the user, including the choice of gender, age, skin, hair, body type, eye color and so on. They can even choose the positions and sexual scenarios that they would like to indulge in.For people with unique sexual desires, the internet provides them with enough material that is otherwise difficult or embarrassing to obtain through other ways.
Signs And Symptoms Of Cybersex Addiction 
  • People addicted to Cybersex find themselves spending endless hours online, looking at sexually explicit material.
  • They would have the tendency to participate in explicit online chats, often.
  • They are engaged in sexual activity online, irrespective of time and location, even if it harms their real life relationships.
  • When they are chronically addicted to internet sex, they would find sexual intimacy lacking in their real life relationships.
  • Although they would watch explicit material on the internet, at the end of the day, they would feel guilty for doing so.
  • Preoccupied mind is another prime symptom of Cybersex. The addicted people are always preoccupied with the sexual thoughts and activities.
  • The sexual behavior affects their social life, adversely. They would not be able to concentrate at work, spend quality time with family or fulfill their hobby.
  • Anxiety is another telltale sign of internet sex. People addicted to it feel anxious, if they are not able to come online.

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