In case you are looking for tips on asking women out on a date, this article will prove to be useful. Go through the info given here and know how to ask a woman for a date.

How To Ask A Woman On A Date

You have met the woman of your dreams, treated her as friend and even chatted with her over the phone. So far, so good! Now comes an awkward moment in the relationship, when you want to extend the parameters somewhat further. Asking a woman on a date is a tough call and generates stress, nervousness and anxiety bubbles in all men. While some do not know how to go about it, others are too scared of the answer (to pop the question). Premonitions and inhibitions rule the mind and heart. If you are also one amongst them, break through the "friend" barrier and take a step ahead in your relationship. Browse through the following lines and get handy tips on how to ask a woman on a date.
Asking Women Out On A Date
  • The first and the foremost thing you need to realize is that you should never ever beat around the bush. Remember, women like those men who are straightforward and direct.
  • Remember, smile is contagious. So, make sure you pass it to the pretty lady as well. At the time of popping the question, ensure that you have a cute smile on your face. She would definitely love that the next step in your relationship started with a friendly smile.
  • Keep your best foot forward, while asking her out. This means, you need to be well dressed to make a positive impression at the time of asking her out. Chances are your striking personality would definitely make the woman come up with a yes.
  • At the time of asking her out, do not be too eager. This would indicate your anxiety and nervousness to the girl and, of course, you wouldn't want this to happen by any chance. 
  • If providing the right start has always been a problem for you, plan it well in advance. Practice in front of the mirror and watch your body language, as it communicates more than you think. Compliments and humor are great conversation starters. However, just make sure your humor is actually funny, not sarcastic or humiliating.
  • In case she asks for some time, do not start pestering her. This would irritate her. Bothered by continuous query, she may come up with a negative reply, even if she was being positive at the start. 
  • Remember, some girls are apprehensive, when it comes to going on a date. In case she is one of them, make sure you give her some time to ponder over your proposal.
  • Make sure you are prepared for both the answers. If she says yes, she would want to know what plans you have in mind. So, know your schedule and have an idea to suggest her. In case she says no, ensure her that you would still continue to be her friend.
  • Your face should be expressive, but not at the wrong time. For instance, if she says no, although you would be really devastated, make sure your face does not articulate it. Instead, be cool, calm and polite, as if you never asked. Who knows this might raise an interest in her and she might want to go with you in the future?
  • At the time of asking a woman out, hold yourself upright, just as you do when you are brimming with confidence.
  • Do not talk too fast or too much. Make the proposal short and sweet. The faster you speak; the more nervous and panicky you would sound.
  • Never break your eye contact with the woman. This would establish the fact that you are confident and positive.
  • Woman like men who are interesting and jovial. So, be one!! If you are boring and dull, you would definitely face heartbreak.
  • Nervous gestures, laughs and ticks all communicate negatively about you. Even if you are nervous, do not let the girl know it.

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