Dating rules for first date should be followed, if you want to have a pleasant time on the occasion. Explore the article to know the first date rules for men and women.

First Date Rules

You are excited. You have a first-date and you have met this absolutely remarkable person online, through friends or at work! Now that, you have broken the ice with her/him over the phone, you have to be prepared to sit across the table and acquaint yourself with the girl/guy in person. At the end of the date, if you find yourself disappointed, it could have been due to a lot of fallacies. First dates can become nerve-wracking if you haven't planned beforehand. The task of creating a good impression on the person you are going out with is easier said than done. If you go for a date without having a plan, at least a tentative one, you will find yourself ending up making silly mistakes, which may ruin your first date altogether. Remember, you never get a second chance for making a first impression!  At the same time, you need to follow certain basic rules. This will help increase your chances of going on second date as well! Go through the article, to know the first date rules for men and women.
First Date Rules For Men & Women
Be On Time
It is your first date and you want to impress him/her from every angle. So, why take a chance by getting late? Reaching before time won’t serve the purpose. Just be on time. Remember, first date is not the time to test anybody’s patience!
Look Good
It is important to look good, if you want to feel good! Dress appropriately, according to the time and venue of your first date. Look presentable. Your outfit should be clean and free from wrinkles. The way you look is a reflection of your personality, to quite an extent. Looking good also includes brushing your teeth and showering before you go to meet your date for the first time. Remember, you don’t want to have a sliver of spinach, stuck in between your teeth or you don’t want to reek of sweat. Grooming is a ritual and has to be followed religiously, before meeting your date for the first time and all times!
Smell Good
It is very important to smell good on a first date. Take a shower before going out and apply deodorant or perfume to keep the unpleasant body odor at bay. If necessary, carry mint or mouth freshener.
Exude Confidence
On your first date, confidence should reflect in your eyes, the way you talk and carry yourself. Nobody will like to date a person who is not confident.
Eye Contact
Your confidence will be visible, if you maintain good eye contact with your date. Wear a smile and have direct eye contact with him/her. However, in the process, do not end up staring at him/her for a long time, as it will give wrong signals.
Don’t Get Drunk
You may seem a lot funnier, a lot more charming and brutally honest when you are drunk, but the first date is not the time for it! If you are looking for some serious commitment or you want to have a couple of more dates, then the best way to do it is to not hide behind a cocktail glass or a beer mug. A drink or two is okay, but not to the point of losing your senses.
Be Focused On Your Date
Do not let your eyes wander around to the girls/guys around. It is considered rude. Your date should be given complete attention on first date as well as every date that follows!
Be A Good Listener
Do not overwhelm your date by talking just about yourself. Let him/her initiate conversation. If he/she doesn’t, you should at least give him/her ample time to speak. Maintain a balance between talking and listening.
Be Humorous
Humor is always good, especially if you are out with someone for the first time. However, in the process of pleasing your date by adding humor to your conversation, make sure that you don’t overdo it. Be humorous, but not a clown! And no sarcastic jokes please!
Offer To Pay The Bill
If you are out for a dinner date, tell your date that you would like to pay for the bill. If he/she insists on paying the bill, don’t be persistent about your proposal. You can pay for the next one. Just don’t argue about it. It is important to make your date feel as comfortable as possible, so don’t keep stressing on who pays the bill.
Don’t Invite Your Date Home Just Yet!
One of the most important rules on the first date is that, you should not invite your date home for a ‘cup of coffee’ just yet. It is a little too soon and it is advised that you get to know the person a little better before you take it to the next level. If your date proposes to take the remainder of the conversation back ‘home’, be blunt and say ‘no’ or that you are not comfortable. It is likely that, the first date may not culminate into a second date, after your blunt response, but it is also likely that if your date asks you to come home, it might mean a booty call!
These are a few tips that will come in handy when you are going for your first date. It is very easy to find a date, but when you are officially going to meet someone for the first time, you have to put your best foot forward. Be open to healthy conversations, laugh a little, joke a little and be well-groomed. After all, you never get first chances again!

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