We often find people wondering how to tell if a relationship is over. In this article, we will let you know about the signs that indicate that your relationship is over.

How To Tell If A Relationship Is Over

Entering a relationship is one of the best things that can take place in the life of an individual. Having a partner in your life makes the journey of life all the more worthwhile. However, starting a relationship is much easier as compared to maintaining it. For embarking on a new relationship, you need to be in love with each other, have an affinity for each other’s tastes and preferences and have a passionate desire for each other. However, its maintenance requires a lot of other things, such as patience, understanding, loyalty, faith, and tolerance. This becomes a tough task because by this time the newness of your relationship is lost and you do not feel the craving and insatiable desire to be with your lover anymore. You are more settled with the idea of ‘you and your partner together’. The irritability takes place of loving tolerance,  utter dislike takes place of the affinity for the quirky qualities in your partner, there are no more ‘I love yous’, no more pangs of desire and you both end up at looking in different directions, when once you both had set on one path––of love and companionship. This stage comes in every lovers’ lives. The ones with stronger love sail through this and retain their love and passion while the ones who could not have much faith in their love have to part ways. If your relationship is going through the turbulent times then read on to find out if it is over or not.
Signs That Your Relationship Is Over
Communication Falls Apart
There is a complete breakdown in communication between the two of you. You hardly seem to talk to each other. Gone are the days when you guys were so into each other that even if there were lots of people around you, you two only had eyes for each other and could not stop laughing and talking to one another. Drink after drink, one course after the other––all your dinner dates and dates at the bar were filled with meaningless banter, the kind that made you adore each other all the more. But now you have almost nothing to say to each other. This is when you start to take the hint that your relationship is in crisis.
No Intimacy
When you are close, there seems to be a wide gap, separating you from your partner. The warm feeling that once swept you off when you thought about him/her is no longer there. Now whenever you think of your partner it fills you up with a grave sense of sadness and regret. You avoid his/her thought at every opportunity you get. You would rather think or spend time with anybody but him/her.
Absence Of Passion
Your sex life is almost nonexistent. On top of that, you don't even feel like coming close to him/her. There was a time when you both used to burn in the fire of your passion together and now even the thought of it makes you sick. You keep denying sex to each other and the next thing you know––it is completely off the table. Everything that used to arouse you about your partner seems banal and pointless now. Even when the two of you are close, intimacy is always missing. You do not look like a single entity anymore; you do not feel like a single entity anymore.
Everything Leads To Arguments
Whenever both of you sit together and try to have a conversation, argument is the most probable outcome. You cannot seem to bear each other any longer. This is because there is an underlying resentment in your relationship now. Every time you try to move on and give your relationship another try, it comes back to the same old resentments and contentions. Therefore, you decide not to hold any conversations anymore. You avoid heavy discussions with your partner and the next stage is you stop having conversations altogether.
Avoiding The Unavoidable
In the recent times, your partner has started coming late too often and every time, his/her excuses seem more implausible. This is because your partner is avoiding you. He/she does not want to spend enough time around you. It is because your partner feels an utter disappointment around you. Maybe you are the one feeling this way as well. Maybe it is you who is staying out till late, picking up an extra shift at work or spending more time with your friends. Maybe subconsciously you are ignoring your partner.
Lack Of Admiration
You have hardly heard a word of appreciation from your partner in a long time. Rather, all he/she does is find faults in you and complain. Everything that you do now falls short of perfection. This is the same person who used to love you for your imperfections but now whatever you do is not worthy enough of his/her appreciation or even attention.
Misplaced Demand For Breathing Space
The phrase 'give me some space' always crops up in the conversation, especially from your partner's side. All your partner now expects from you is to leave him/her alone. Even if you ask the simplest of questions from him/her, your partner would feel like you are intruding. And when you fight or argue on little things, your partner takes it to another level and says things like 'I want to get out of this relationship'. This is your partner’s cry-out to get out of the relationship. It clearly does not make him or her happy.

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