Are you caught in an abusive relationship, but do not have enough heart to accept it? Here are some of the most common signs of abusive relationship to help you understand the situation better.

Abusive Relationship Signs

When Richard and Jane started seeing each other, everything seemed to be all rosy and happy, until one fine day things came crashing down and horror stared Jane, right on her face. Her blue-eyed Richard, whom she took to be her real prince charming, couldn’t stop cribbing about her and found fault with everything she did. Things grew worse when he started to yell and smack her, leaving Jane with little clue on what had gone wrong in the first place? Well, this isn’t any eyebrow raising episode of love gone sour. People caught in an abusive relationship often find themselves at the receiving end of physical, mental or verbal abuse that leaves them disgusted and with a little idea on what went wrong. While it is almost impossible to know someone, before you land up with him/her, paying heed to a few tell-tale signs of abusive relationships can get your eye opening and running for rescue. Here are some of the most common signs of abusive relationships. Read them to know more.
Common Signs Of Abusive Relationship
  • An abusive relationship most often comes with tell-tale scars and it just takes a little understanding and courage to fight it out. One of the most telling signs of an abusive relationship is when your partner insists on knowing everything you do and keeps a tab on everywhere you go. While it’s easy to confuse it with concern initially, it doesn’t really take long to figure out if it’s just a concern or something worse than that.
  • Possessiveness is flattering, unless it infringes into your personal space, leaving you with little room for yourself. Abusive men/women tend to be extremely domineering and overprotective, a sign that should set the alarm button on. Check out whether your partner is overly suspicious of you? Does he stop you from going out with friends and family? If yes, then it’s time you pack your bags and sneak out before it’s too late to run.
  • An abusive partner can force you to think as if you are housed with Hitler! The person tends to be very high-and-mighty and will never take your independence kindly. He would be almost certain to enforce his will, however subtly, on everything you do. The person is also likely to force you to cater to his whims and fancies, however bizarre they may be.
  • Does he hit you often and doesn’t mind thrashing you in public too? Physical abuse is possibly the most heinous aspect of an abusive relationship. This can also include sexual abuse where your partner forces you to have sex with him, against your will, leaving you choked with fear and hatred.
  • Another most compelling signs of abusive relationship is mental or emotional abuse. Emotional abuse can be very demeaning to one’s esteem. Does your partner always hammer your confidence with derogatory remarks and gestures? Does he criticizes you often and calls you by offensive names and ridicules you publicly? If yes, then it’s time you gave your abusive relationship a serious thought.
  • Does your partner hurl abuses at you and humiliates you in public? Does he yell, scream and bang his fist on the wall to scare you? Verbal abuse can be worse than physical agony. It can strip you off your confidence, leaving you feeling worthless and inferiority. An abusive partner always ranks himself highly and will never allow you to feel good about yourself, will humiliate you in every way and will blame you for everything.

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