Surprise wedding proposal remains in your sweetheart’s memories forever. Explore the article to know more surprise wedding proposal ideas.

Ideas For Surprise Wedding Proposals

Marriages are made in heaven, but marriage proposals are strictly made on earth. There is a saying that ‘unsaid love is not love’, but the fact is that a lot of pure love goes unheard and unseen. That is why presenting a wedding proposal to your significant person holds enormous significance, not only to show your love but also to build a life around it. In most cases such a proposal requires planning, for it to succeed. Planning a surprise wedding proposal is not much harder than planning to propose a girl for the first time. According to custom it is the men who generally make the marriage proposal. You can present a wedding proposal to your sweetheart anytime without considering the legalities involved, but it takes a lot of planning and patience to do it with a touch of sheer romance and surprise. The most important priority of a surprise wedding proposal is that it should stay evergreen in both the couple’s memories. When it comes to surprising your future life partner with a wedding proposal, you need brand new ideas, to heighten the effect of the occasion. Read on to know more ideas for surprise wedding proposals.
Surprise Wedding Proposal Ideas

The most important aspect of a surprise wedding proposal is the suddenness with which you literally ‘shock and awe’ the ‘victim’. You can go out for a pizza and a movie with her on the planned day. Before that inform a friend to call you in the middle of the movie. Make a tense face when you get his/her call, and ask your sweetheart to come out with you. Walk through the lobby of the theatre keeping your face tense, and behave in a nervous manner so that she asks what the matter is. Then you can stop at a place where nobody is likely to see you, and then get down on your knees, and with the ring in your hand ask the age old proposal ‘will you marry me’. This can be an unforgettable moment for both of you, and it would be quite a surprise for your beloved.

Official Surprise
If your sweetheart has a group of good friends at her work place, you can include them in planning the fun. If you can, you should have her manager call a group meeting, which she must attend with the rest of the team. The topic of the meeting can be about the new projects, and status of the old projects. Once this meeting becomes intensely boring, the manager can start a Power Point Presentation. One of the presentations should feature your wedding proposal. When she looks at it, and gets confused and surprised, you should walk in, and propose her with the ring. This will be a real surprise wedding proposal, which she will remember for the rest of her life.
Magic and surprise can’t be separated as two different entities because the ultimate purpose of magic is to ‘surprise the audience’. To add a magical factor to your wedding proposal you need to hire a magician. Hire a magician to entertain just the two of you, and have the magician make the case with the ring appear mysteriously. Let the magician hand over the ring to you. Then get down on your knees, put the ring in her finger, and propose.

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