Making handmade invitation cards is a unique way of inviting people to grace your wedding. Explore the article to find some fabulous handmade wedding invitation ideas.

Handmade Wedding Invitation Ideas

Wedding invitations may not be the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of your wedding. However, they are certainly a very important aspect, being a medium to invite your loved ones to attend the most important day of your life. Their gracious presence and heart-felt wishes are what you need most on that momentous day and therefore, the wedding invitations should obviously be a little special. Now, what can be more unique than a beautiful handmade wedding invitation? Want to know more about the same? If yes, then read on and find some fabulous ideas for making handmade wedding invitations.
Making Handmade Wedding Invitation Cards
Flower Pressed Paper
Fresh flowers can be pressed and then used for creating beautiful wedding invitations.  Pick some pretty flowers and remove the stems from them. Take two sheets of waxed paper and put the flowers in-between. Place the sheet beneath a heavy book. Make sure that the book is heavy enough to press the flowers properly. Leave the flowers for couple of weeks. Remove them from the waxed paper and glue them on to the wedding invitation. Pressed flowers can also be used as decorations in other types of wedding invitations.
Theme Wedding Invitations
Those who are going for a theme wedding can include the theme in the invitation cards. For example - if your wedding has a destination theme, photos and original artwork of that place can be used in your invitation. White sand, palm trees and sun umbrellas can be made or printed on the invitation for a beach wedding and so on. ‘Happily Ever After’ is also a nice theme for a wedding invitation, irrespective of the actual theme of your wedding. Religious and ethnic symbols related to the background of both the bride and groom can also be depicted on the wedding invitations.
Photo Scrapbook Wedding Cards
Using the photographs of the bride and the groom is a great idea for making a handmade wedding invitation. It will also make your job easier, as you just have to paste the photos on the card and write invitation wordings on the inside. This is the best way to create a custom wedding invitation. Different photos can be used for creating a scrapbook effect. Layer photos under a sheet of vellum to make the card look even more attractive.
Printed Invitations
The printing option is for those who do not want to arrange for their own paper and card stock. You can print invitations on your home computer. The invitation verses can be handwritten using calligraphy. To dress the wedding card, embellishments such as ribbons bows, artificial jewels, pressed flowers and other decorations can be used. The decorative material will be easily available at any of the craft or stationery stores.
Rubber Stamps
Beautiful rubber stampsand stamp pads can be used to make wedding invitations. Pick some from your nearby craft store and use them artistically, to make wedding invitations. Rubber stamp images can also be used over a printed invitation to add effect. They can be used in addition to ribbons, bows and other decorations, for a more original look.

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