A wedding shower invitation requires you to follow proper etiquette. With this article, explore all about the etiquettes for bridal shower invitations.

Wedding Shower Invitation Etiquette

Wedding shower, also known as a bridal shower, is a party organized in the honor of the bride before the marriage ceremony takes place. Though the concept of bridal shower is believed to have originated in Brussels, Belgium, around 1860, it is more commonly celebrated in U.S. and Canada. The shower can be held as much as six months before the wedding and is usually organized by the bridesmaids. A wedding shower requires the organizer to send invitations 4 to 6 weeks in advance. In the following lines, we have provided information on the etiquette to be followed for a wedding shower invitation.
Etiquette For Bridal Shower Invitations 
  • A wedding shower invitation should always be sent at least 4 weeks in advance, so that guests can make arrangements accordingly.
  • Do not include those people in the wedding shower list, whom you are not inviting for the wedding. It would seem rude.
  • Usually, the guest list of a bridal shower includes only those who personally know the bride. However, these days, the future mother-in-law and close family/friends of the groom are also invited.
  • If the wedding shower is theme-based, make sure to mention the same in the invitation card.
  • In general, the rule of wedding shower invitation is one invitation per person. Nevertheless, in case of couples, one invitation per pair will suffice.
  • Usually, if you are having more than one wedding shower, it is advisable to avoid repeating the guests. If case you invite someone to more than one shower, make sure to tell them that you do not want another gift.
  • You should always hand address a wedding shower invitation and use the formal name of the invitees for the same.
  • Always include an address and phone number in the invitation, for the guests to call for directions.
  • You can either get the bride's registry information printed on the invitation card or write it by hand.
  • Even those close family members who cannot attend the shower should be sent the invitation, out of courtesy.
  • Always try to match the wedding shower invitation card with the wedding shower color scheme and theme.

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