A wedding program is a way to inform the guests about the order of the ceremony. Explore the article given below to know how to make wedding program.

How To Make Wedding Program

Happiness, excitement, bliss, hope and a little bit of anxiety is how you can define the day of your wedding. The day of tying the nuptial knot is certainly a major milestone in one’s life. To make this day more special, you would want to throw an exceptionally beautiful party to honor your guests. One more thing, which you can do to make your guests a part of the wedding is by providing them a wedding program. A wedding program is a way of offering your guests the information about the order of your wedding day. It not only gives them the info on the ceremony but also makes fabulous keepsake for them. Although a wedding program is not considered an essential part of the wedding stationary, it actually helps in making the wedding ceremony to be performed in an orderly fashion. Read on the tips given below to know how to make wedding program.

Tips For Making Wedding Program

  •  Wedding program is a way to provide your guests an order of the day. Although a wedding program is not a necessity, it gives an essential discipline to the wedding.  Choose the design you want to use for the wedding program. You can also print it out on your own computer. The design for the wedding program could be scrolls, folders, single card, or even a booklet.
  • Make sure that whatever design you choose matches with the other wedding stationary like wedding invites etc. you could match the fonts, color, formality of the wedding program card with the other wedding stationary.
  • Use your creativity while you are printing your own card. Even if you are opting for preprinted card, you can match it with the theme of the wedding.
  • The wedding program should contain the personal information like the full names of the bride and groom, wedding date and time, venue, the order of the ceremony. Many people include the name of the officiate, name of the performer, and name of the wedding party. 
  • You can also add a ‘thank you note’ at the end thanking all the guests for their esteemed presence. You can also add a note of gratitude for the people who helped you a lot to make the wedding a success.
  • Make sure that the wedding program card is enough in number. Remember to add details like the seating arrangement of the mothers, processional, foreword, vows, exchange of rings, pronouncement, presentation of the couple, recessional etc.
  • Although it largely depends on you what you want to include in your wedding program, it generally can be divided into three categories; the introductory part, the ceremony order part, and the wedding party part. In the intro part, you can include the full names of the bride and groom, the venue, day and the time. Next, you can add the order of the ceremony and then the acknowledgement.
  • You can also use the wedding program as a way to thank your bridesmaid, groomsmen, parents, grandparents, etc. For instance, if you are wearing the wedding gown of your mother you could use the wedding program as a medium to thank her. Alternatively, if you are borrowing your “something blue” from your bridesmaid who is also your best friend, write a special ‘thank you’ note for her in the wedding program.
  • Remember that you don’t have to stick to the run of the mills wedding program, you can personalize it anyway you want. Instead of going for the two or three folds wedding program, you could go for a pamphlet and even a small booklet.
  • Instead of just adding the boring details of the wedding, you can personalize it by offering your guests a glimpse of how both you and the groom met. For instance if you are having the wedding ceremony at a certain place that holds special meaning to you and your spouse, you can add the details of why the particular place was chosen.
  • You can also add hymns, love poems or even a wedding blessing, which is important to your heritage.
  • You can include a dedication to deceased family.

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