Are you wondering what are the traits that make a relationship healthy and successful? Presenting an end to your query is this article, listing the top characteristics of a healthy relationship.

Characteristics Of A Healthy Relationship

Have you always envied the couples who seem to be in love even years after their relationship/ marriage? Are you always trying to find out what qualities make a relationship successful? If yes, then allow me to tell you there are a lot of things that make a relationship healthy. While a few of them vary from one couple to the other, there are certain traits that remain the same everywhere. And it is these very characteristics of a healthy relationship that we have tried to list in this article.However, you need to remember that relationship is a two-way street. What you expect from your partner, you need to give in return as well. Just follow this and you will soon be amongst the list of couples that people envy. 
Top Traits Of Healthy Relationships
This is one trait without which no relationship in this world can survive. If there is no understanding between you and your partner, forget about leading a happy life together. Remember, a little understanding and consideration can go a long way in ensuring that you live ‘happily every after’.
Mutual Respect
One of the basic principles behind mutual respect is that you two ‘agree to disagree’. In other words, you need to let your partner have a viewpoint of his/ her own. At the same time, respect your partner’s decisions, value his/her opinions, involve him/ her in decisions regarding your life, and so on.
Caring & Sharing
The ‘caring’ for your partner should be on a physical as well as emotional level. This is nothing but an extension of your love. On the other hand, sharing involves taking part in household responsibilities, encouraging and enjoying each other’s success, doing things that your partner enjoys, etc
Trust & Faith
Being suspicious is the worst thing that you can do for your relationship. Distrust is something that can wreak havoc on the most beautiful relation as well. Learn to have faith in your partner. In case of any doubt, discuss the same with your partner, but not in an accusing or skeptical tone.
Honesty & Loyalty
No one in this world (including you) wants to have a partner who is adulterous and unfaithful. Never ever break the trust your partner has on you and remain loyal to your relationship. At the same, maintain honesty between the two of you, be it any aspect of your life. However, at times, sugarcoating the truth is not bad.
Complete Support
A successful relationship is one in which a person has the unfailing belief that he can always fall back upon his partner. And this comes only after receiving constant support from the latter. So, never ever disappoint your partner and be there to take his/her side against the whole world.
Love, Affection & Intimacy
In case you are wondering why I mentioned this particular aspect so late, let me tell you that the ‘best things come the last’. Your relationship will have all the above qualities only when you love your partner enough. In fact, when you are in love with someone, all these things come naturally. So, love your partner the most, show your affection and maintain lots of intimacy between the two of you.

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