Dating an ex girlfriend can be a daunting prospect. Explore the article to know all about dating an ex-girlfriend.

Dating An Ex-Girlfriend

It’s not unusual for today’s youths. You break up with a girl only to know that you still have feelings for her. Sometimes it is the other way around. You break up with a girl and then she ambles back to your life and one way or other you are forced, persuaded, or even influenced to date her all over again. Your life becomes something like the “My Super Ex-Girlfriend” movie, sans drama. Although Matt Saunders the protagonist of the movie played by Luke Wilson had the hottie and a super women (no pun intended), Jenny Johnson played by Uma Thurman as his super hot ex-girlfriend,  and it turned out all well in end, it might not for you. Dating an ex-girlfriend is like riding an old bike; you have the old feeling with it, it might be unpredictable and erratic. Read on to know how to date an ex-girlfriend.
How To Date An Ex Girlfriend 
  • Before you plan to resume the relationship with her, think of why you want to get back to her. Do you still have feelings for her? Or is it just because of pity? Was it because of some silly reasons? Or whether it was your fault? Whatever the reason may be, don’t snub it off in the enthusiasm of dating her once again. Remember that it made you break off with her once before and it may prompt you to do so once again. Work on to eliminate the reason if you want to pursue the relationship.
  • If she is the one who broke up with you and is ready to reconcile with you? Was the reason a justified one or she dumped you because she wanted some other guy? Will you be able to forgive her for dumping you? Think of all the reasons why you are not with her in the first place and then decide on what your heart says.
  • Is your ex wants to date you because she is jealous of your new girl friend and because now you have stopped caring about her? Remember that if this is the reason then it is no good reason to get back to your ex together.
  • Even if you were the one initiated the break-up after cheating on her, think of why you went astray and are you likely to repeat the same.
  • Sometimes even if there are no hard feelings, people just drift apart. The problem with that is, the spark between people just fizzles out and it is very difficult to revive the feeling.
  • Sometimes the opposite happens, you broke up with each other but still there are sparks there, and you want to resume the relationship because of the heat between you two. It may or may not work in your favor.
  • Don’t resume the relationship if it has ended in a bitter fashion. If either or both of you have hurled abuses on each other, etc.
  • Be clear about your feelings and whether you are able to adjust to whatever it was that initiated the break up.
  • Ask her about her feelings towards you once you have started going out. Ask her what she wants from this resumed relationship. Check whether she wants just a time pass or she is very serious about it. If both your thoughts don’t match about this relationship, it would be futile to start dating.
  • If there was some misunderstanding between you two even though both loved each other and still do, don’t hesitate to resume the relationship.

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