Scorpios are fun, passionate, and exciting. Explore the following article to know how to date a Scorpio.

How To Date A Scorpio


A recent flick “What’s your Raashee” talks about the dating scenario of a man with twelve different girls with different sun signs. Although it is said that a match is made in heaven, the world is filled with failed relationships. One reason of this failure can be a lack of compatibility. Here comes the importance of sun sign in picture. The Hermetic maxim of “as above so below” is based on the belief that what happens on earth is a mere reflection of what happens in heaven. Astrology believes that human affairs are influenced or correlated by the movements of celestial bodies and dating is no such exception to that. Dating is one of the most important phenomenons in one’s life. With all the break ups and divorces going around, knowing the sun sign compatibility just increases the chance of a successful date and who knows it might even turn into a long lasting fruitful relationship. Dating a Scorpio men and women can be fun filled and exciting. Read on to know how to date a Scorpio.
Tips For Dating A Scorpio
  • Scorpio men and women like all other water signs are very protective of their feelings and so you need to be honest and considerate with him/her to win him/her over.
  • If you crave for passion, Scorpio men or women may be the best choice for you. Similarly, if you enjoy deep and dedicated relationship, a Scorpio may be your jackpot.
  • Although if you don’t entertain the thought of a possessive relationship, then dating a Scorpio can be a little overwhelming.
  • If you like your date to be chatty and fun, a Scorpio will be your best bet.
  • With Scorpions, what you see is what you get; they are supposedly broody, moody, and unpredictable.
  • Generally, Scorpio men don’t like to compromise so if you want this relationship to go somewhere, you need to give the dating reigns in his/her hands.
  • Scorpio people are faithful and trustworthy however, they come with a tag of handle with care, as they can turn moody without any apparent reason.
  • If you are dating a Scorpio, don’t let any conflicts just pass by without resolving it. Scorpions are considered notorious for holding grudges and so an open conversation would be your best bet for resolving a conflict.
  • If you want to change your man or woman, Scorpions are not the one for you. They are resistant to change. Period. They have strong opinions and thoughts on almost everything. So trying to change a behavioral pattern will not be an option with Scorpions.
  • He/she like people who can challenge their intellect. However, they don’t like to get possessed.
  • If you want to impress a Scorpion date, then go for as unusual as possible and try impressing him/her with your uniqueness. They are also impressed by confidence and mystery. Once he/she is intrigued, he/she is less likely to resist.
  • If you like a fun filled ride, Scorpions are a great date for you. He/she will keep you on your toes.
  • Don’t be vulnerable if you are dating a Scorpion. You should not exhibit your weakness, as Scorpions don’t entertain weaklings.

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