Wedding announcement is a way to make people know about your marriage. Explore the article to know how to write a wedding announcement.

How To Write A Wedding Announcement

Wedding announcement is a way to share the news of your wedding to people. It is different from wedding invitations in sense that it is sent to people who would not be attending the wedding. Sometimes people want to make their marriage a low-key event or want it to be a personal affair and thus many people are not invited. Wedding announcement can be sent to those people who are not expected to attend the ceremony. It may be also sent to people who are not able to attend the wedding although they were invited. Wedding announcement is a way to share the news of holy matrimony to all the acquaintances and in a way to make them a part of the wedding. Some people publish the news in the local newspaper and some even go the extra lengths to make a marriage website. Sending wedding announcement is a traditional method to make other people know about your marriage. Although sending wedding announcement is optional it should be taken as an integral part of wedding and should not be sidelined in any case. The language of the wedding announcement can be both formal and casual depending on the sender and the recipient.
Wedding Announcement Etiquette
  • First and foremost you need to make a list of all the people who wouldn’t be attending the wedding and will be receiving the announcements. Usually the list should consist of far off relatives, old classmates, office colleagues and elderly relatives who wouldn’t be able to make it to the wedding. However depending on you and your partner, you can make your own list.
  • Depending on whom you are sending the wedding announcement, the language should be causal or formal. If you are sending wedding announcement to your office members, the language should be formal.
  • Wedding announcement is generally sent after the couple return from their honeymoon. However, it can be sent right after the wedding or even on that day however not a day earlier.
  • You can also attach a photograph of you and your partner of the time of wedding. It adds the personal touch and makes them feel a part of your wedding.
  • You should clearly mention the full names of the bride and groom, wedding day and location in the wedding announcement. You can also include your new address and other things suitable for the occasion in the wedding announcement. In short, it should contain all the information, which you need to tell people.
  • You can also ask your wedding planners for their services as most wedding planners provide wedding announcement services. However, the best thing would be to write your own wedding announcement as it gives a personal touch.
  • You need to provide all the information related to the wedding but make sure that you don’t make the people feel left out.
  • The address on the envelope of the wedding announcement card should be hand written. It is not proper to use the address labels.
  • You can also use your wedding announcement cards as a way to show your creativity. Choose the same theme as your wedding and add wordings related to it.
  • For the stamps, you can either use heart shaped postage stamps or even have a customized stamps with you and your partner’s photographs, with just a little extra fee.

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