Approaching a woman you like is not too difficult, if you have the right tips handy and follow them to the letter. With this article, know all about how to approach a girl you really like.

How To Approach A Girl You Really Like

You have been interested in that girl since quite a long time and really feel like taking her out on a date. However, the problem is that you do not know as to how to approach her in the right way and you do not want to put her off as well, by initiating the whole thing in the wrong way! You are not the first or the only person facing the situation. There are many guys like you, out there, who have lost out on a date, just because approaching a girl seemed to be an uphill task for them. To help you and the other guys like you, we have listed tips on how to approach a girl you really like, in the lines below. Go through them and make sure to follow the right approach, the next time.
Tips For Approaching A Woman You Like
Be Confident
One of the most important tips that you need to keep in mind, when you are trying to approach a girl, is to be confident. Everything about you, right from your walk, mannerism to talking style, should convey the fact that you sure of yourself. Remember, nervousness is something that should be kept at bay. The butterflies in your stomach need not be visible to her. Otherwise, you can just forget about winning her over.
Maintain Correct Body Language
You can get to know a lot about a person, just by observing his/ her body language. For instance, continuously fiddling with a pen or clasping and unclasping hands, every now and then, gives an indication that you are of the nervous sorts. So, always maintain a positive body language. Walk erect - with your back straight and shoulders square; do not move your hands through your hair continuously and stop looking at the watch time and again.
Maintain Eye Contact
One of the main reasons why girls reject guys is that they find it difficult to maintain a proper eye contact. Looking a person square in the eye, especially when you talk, is seen as a sign of your self-assurance. On the other hand, avoiding a person’s gaze is taken as a sign of weakness. So, whenever you approach a girl, look into her eyes, especially when you are talking to her. In all probability, she will be impressed by you.
Have A Smile On Your Face
A slight smile can do wonders for your personal life. Sadly, not many people are aware of this fact. When you approach a girl, make sure to add a slight smile along with your opening line. At the very best, it will melt her heart and open the doors for you. In the worst scenario, she will refuse you politely. One thing is for sure, she will not be rude with you. You can also use you smile to find whether a girl is interested in you or not. Smile at her. If she smiles back, you have a chance. If she looks away and totally ignores you, move on to someone else.
Look Good & Be Yourself
Your personality and your looks go a long way in helping you win over a girl. Shabbily dressed men, with unkempt hair and full-on beard, have never been the one to woo a woman (unlike she is the weird one who likes cavemen). Dress smartly, maintain basic hygiene and look good. At the same time, remember to be yourself, while approaching her. Pretences can be a big turn-off for many women, so don’t take any chances.

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