Have you been struggling for long to know what to say when you approach a girl? If yes, then your search ends here. We bring you helpful ideas on things to say while approaching girls.

What To Say When You Approach A Girl

Approaching a girl will certainly be tough for you, especially if you like her. The task is challenging because you want the first impression to be the best one as well. You are careful that she should not get any negative sign about you and so, you make every effort to make her feel good about you. Girls are very sensitive and easily form impression about people. It is extremely difficult to persuade them to change their once-framed opinion. So, you need to be at your best if you want her to notice you and at the same time, have a liking for you. We are here to help you with getting over this nervous job of approaching a girl. Read through the tips given below and know what to say when you approach a girl.
Things To Say While Approaching Girls 
  • Introduce yourself properly to the girl in a most polite way. You can begin with ‘Hello’, followed by your name. Give her a light handshake and be careful not to give an impression of pressing her hand.
  • Beginning a conversation is a tough job and particularly so when there is a pretty girl on the other side. You can always take resort to question about her tastes and interests, as this proves to be the most convenient way to begin a conversation.
  • You can also ask her some casual questions that will make her feel that you are interested in her. However, be sure not to bombard her with too many questions, as this can get her nervous and she may even feel like fleeing away from the place.
  • What can be more encouraging to any girl, other than a warm compliment? Complimenting a girl is not as easy as it seems to be. You cannot be false in your praise, nor should you sound too general in your compliment. Instead, look for something novel in the girl and compliment accordingly. This will make you sound authentic and she will begin to trust you.
  • Notice immediately something striking in her; be it her clothes, jewelry or even her handbag. Praise her selection and ask her where she got it from. You will see her highly excited over explaining the whereabouts to you. You can ask some related questions in between her conversation, to make her believe that you are really interested in her narration.
  • Humor is the safest weapon to win over a lady’s heart. Share light jokes with her and make her smile at your witty talks. She will remember you better if she can laugh in your presence. However, do make sure that the humor is not crude or sarcastic. 
Some Tips 
  • Body language plays a major role, while presenting yourself in front of a girl. Be confident and talk to her in a relaxed way. Do not make fidgety movements and avoid the temptation to shift from side to side. Always maintain eye contact with the girl and keep a warm smile on your lips, as you speak.
  • Speak in a manner that she does not mistake you for a stalker. Do not show any conscious attempt to impress her; instead be as natural and as cool as though speaking to an old friend.
  • One thing that is most important while approaching a girl is that you should be yourself. She can rely on you only if you are true to yourself.
  • In addition to speech and body language, you should always put on a pleasing personality. Dress yourself in a smart way and keep yourself clean. Take care that you do not smell bad.
  • Always behave properly in public, like chew foods with your mouth shut, wear a polite attitude towards the people around you etc. Small gestures, like opening the doors for her, paying the food bill, helping her with her bags, etc will definitely put you on higher level in her eyes.

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