Probably every guy wants to know the trick to impress his girl. Cool down guys, just have some patience and read the tips for impressing girls.

How To Impress A Girl

Is it not a wonderful feeling to have found someone who makes your heart flutter and makes you giddy with overwhelming feelings? Congratulations on finding the girl who has turned you head over heels. But, just fancying someone is not enough. The world of dating is a competitive and an articulate one. You can not just go to the girl of your dreams and tell her that you fancy her; what if she does not appreciate it and you ruin your first impression? Your apprehensions are completely valid. Better be well prepared than spoil your one chance with her. Women like men who take feelings very seriously, if you feel attracted towards her then she wants to see you taking this seriously and putting in some efforts in impressing her. In fact, there is a huge chance that you will win her over only by showing how hard you are trying to impress her. You do not have to do a lot but yes, some considerable efforts and changes are definitely in order. You absolutely can not behave the way you behave with your boy buddies, around her. You have got to be a gentleman to her, be conscious of her and yourself and carefully manage yourself when you are with her. All this while, your girl would know that you fancy her and it will flatter her beyond measure, if she is getting along with it then she fancies you too; but this is not that simple. She is measuring you, judging every little detail about you; trying to assess if you are worth the trouble or not. Let her you know that yes in fact, you are worth it. You do not have to make grand gestures, in fact making a grand gesture that early in a relationship wrecks everything. All you got to do is be subtly expressive about your feelings and your personality. It is not tedious and difficult, just a bit tricky. But do not worry; we are here to help you out. Here are some tips which would help you in impressing a girl.
Tips for Impressing Girls
  • Appearance: It matters a lot! Do not be shabby around her. Women do not like un-groomed and messy men. How you keep yourself says a lot about you. Think of it, if you see a messy female, would you ever be attracted to her? The same applies to you then; make sure that you are trimmed and your clothes are presentable. Untrimmed facial hair would definitely make you look dodgy; take our advice, be clean shaven. Most of the women prefer clean shaven guys over men with facial hair. It is no more a sign of machismo; it is a time and era for metro-sexual look. Try to look your best; do not worry if you are naturally handsome or not, just look presentable and charming. But be cautious to not seem like you are a narcissistic; men who are too much into their looks are a big turn off for women.
  • Gifts & Compliments: Do not show up empty handed. You do not have to get her an expensive gift, a bunch of flowers will work wonders; or some women appreciate a bottle of wine or a box of chocolate. The thought behind this is to be prim and proper and receive the girl formally. If you will get her something then she will know that she has got a special place in your heart. But, do not get her anything fancy or grand for the first few dates, it will throw her off and make her wary of you. Also, do not be shy of complimenting her. For all the time she invested in getting ready to impress you, you owe her a sweet compliment. This will say that you are noticing every little detail about her.
  • Curb Your Enthusiasm: When you get that one chance to talk to her, so not blabber out everything about yourself and how you feel. Come across as a cautious and polite guy. Talk about general things with her; you do not want to open up very quickly. Try to test the waters with her. Let her do more of talking and you try to assess her as to what kind of a person she is. When she will speak more, it will give you time to understand her, her likes and dislikes. Later, you can use this information to impress her. If only you will do the talking and not give a chance, you will come across as a arrogant person. So, even though you are nervous and you just want to keep talking to hide your anxiety, curb your enthusiasm and be silent.
  • Be Polite & Courteous: You are a gentleman, let her see that in its full glory. Pull the chair out for her, hold the door, let her be the first in everything you do, be mindful of the fact that she is a lady and she needs to be treated like one. You might think that this is 21st century and women stand the same ground as you, although every bit of it is true but in a personal man-woman equation the fact remains the same, she is a lady and you are a gentleman. If you are not courteous and mannered with her, then do not complain if she rejects you. No matter how handsome, intelligent and rich you might be, if you are rude with a woman or if she notices you being rude to someone else, she will not pick you. Women are inherently soft by nature and they need to be treated delicately. Also, be polite with other people around her; talk respectfully to the waiters when you are in a bar or a restaurant and approach everyone regard-fully. Use of ‘thank you’ and ‘please’ is a plus.
  • Fully Attentive: This is a must; your attention should only be hers. Switch off your phone, i-pad, blackberry, everything and tell the world you are unreachable and busy. You can not, at any cost, shift your attention from her to something or someone else. If she has taken time out for you specially and she is giving you her full attention, then the least you can do for her is treat her with the same kind of respect. If you waver your attention while she is with you, then she is bound to believe that knowing her and trying to get along with her is not a big deal for you. She will slowly lose her interest in you like this. You certainly do not want that to happen; even if you are a big workaholic or a man with several responsibilities, spend time with her only when you know that you can fully commit yourself to it. Also, while you with her, looking at other females is a taboo. It is a big turn off when the guy you are sitting with is helplessly checking other women out. Practice some restraint and give your woman respect and steady attention.
  • Do Not Obsess: We know that you are head over heels for her, you know that you are head over heels for her but, she does not need to know. You do not want to be taken lightly and certainly not become her pet. Retain your personality, no matter how overwhelming all of this is. You can openly show that you are the romantic kind, but do not imply in anyway that you can turn out to be a possessive and obsessive lover; it is certainly not flattering. Women like the kind of man who stands his own grounds, pampers her and loves her but does not let her take over his space and vice-versa.
  • Enjoyment: Try to make it fun rather than a boring date that is more like an interview. Instill some fun elements into it: get drunk and do something silly, take her to your favorite bar or a place you are quite familiar with and impress her with your knowledge on food and drinks, go to a place with music and dancing and spice up your date. The idea is to not make it bland and boring. You should come across as a fun guy, the kind of guy who she will always have a good time with. But of course, make sure that your girl likes all of this; if she is the reserve kind that taking her to a place with too many people and loud music would go completely wrong. Ask her what she likes, take up that idea and turn in into fun.
  • Take The Initiative: Always be eager to take the initiative around her; whether it is about getting the check or making sure that she is alright, all her issues are your problem. This will fill her with respect for you. You would come across as a responsible guy, which greatly impress women. It is one of the qualities in you which will easily lead her to trust you. Also, if you were on a date with her, then offer to drop her back. It is the basic curtsey and every girl expects it from her man. This will show that you are sensitive and caring towards her.
  • Keep Your Promises: Call her if you told her that you will call her! There is nothing more impressive in a guy that keeping promises. Even if you promise a random thing to her and you think that she must have forgotten about it or did not have taken it seriously, surprise her and fulfill that promise. She will be compelled to be impressed by you. Women are very conscious about little details in their interaction with men; a man who can take care of these details and always mean what he says will surely be able to impress his lady love.

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