There are quite a lot of things that guys like about girls. Check out as to what men like most about women.

What Guys Like About Girls

It holds true that testosterone is the master in how they feel; men like women for their physical beauty, their bodies and no, it does not have to be perfect. But, there is more to it than catches the eye. Men like women for several other factors. They like them for their warmth, their ability to love and give so openly. Men are passive and reserved when it comes to projecting emotions, whereas women live on the emotional extremes. Men like this craziness in women. They like women to take them to emotional highs and lows with them. It excites and inspires them. Women with their ability to give unconditionally, make men lose their inhibitions and reservations about emotions. Believe it or not, no matter how much they show it or not, men like their women to take charge of the emotional bonding between them. They admire women for their emotional courage, the capacity to bravely take risks in love. They feel protected around women, nurtured and cared for. Of all the frivolities and shallow factors, skin deep beauty and hormonal excitements, Men stick around with women who make them feel loved, cared and supported. Emotions and sublimities of love is not really a man’s arena, it a woman’s territory. A man feels comfortable in love only because his woman pacifies him, takes care of the emotional business and lets him be. Women are naturally motherly; their love always carries a nurturing aspect to it. Men look up to women for this care and nurture. No matter how it is professed, men are not all shallow, it is the depth of a woman that hits them and sticks with them. Having said that, there are few things that can be done, in order to make him like you; the essentials to catch his eyes. Although, your natural charm and aura will be irresistible enough for him but there is no harm in jazzing it up a bit, to guarantee a cent-percent success. 
What Guys Like About Girls
Enchanting Smile
Chances are, he has already fallen in love with your smile, the moment he saw you for the first time. Men love to see their women smiling. It fulfills them to think that the reason for your smile is their presence in your life. Smile a lot. If you see him worried or nervous around you, smile and make him feel calm. If you like that guy who has been eyeing you from a distance for quite sometime now and you want him to make a move, smile and let him know that you like him too.
Giggly Laughs
He loves it when you break into occasional laughs. He loves how you lose all your inhibitions and just open your heart and laugh. Men love to make their women laugh. They feel proud of the fact, that they have got a kind of sense of humor that you approve of. When you laugh, it reassures them that you are happy. Nothing makes them happier than making you happy. It is your child-like giggles, which draw them to you.
Heavenly Fragrance
He remembers you by your typical scent. He associates you with it. The smell of your shampoo or the scent, which goes very well with your personality, is sure to drive him crazy. He is going to smell you on purpose. Every time you pass by him, he will know that it is you. Smelling wonderful is considered as an appealing factor by men. So go ahead, shower yourself with the heavenly smell of jasmine, green tea, flowery or fruity fragrance, and make your man go mad for you.
Time Factor
Whatever you do, do not be late. No, men do not find it cute when you make them wait and make a puppy-face to apologize. If they have taken out time from their busy schedule, then they expect you to respect that and show up on time. If you run late because you take a lot of time to get ready (which is completely understandable from a woman’s point of view), then start off early. If you make him wait, it makes him feel like he and his time is not valued by you.
Three Magical words
He craves to hear ‘I Love you’ from you as much as you do. He might not show it to you, but he wants you to initiate it sometimes. Just say I love you randomly, in the middle of a conversation. Say it with your feminine panache and charm. Put in some girly charm. He adores you for all of this and it is a good idea to keep him reminded of what he fell for. You can send him a simple text message or write a beautiful poem on it, whatever is your style, make sure you give me as many ‘I Love Yous’ as you expect for yourself.
Pillar Of Strength
Although, it makes him feel special when you let him protect you but, it is a turn off when you depend on him too much for your emotions. Men like the kind of women who can take a lead in the emotional play. They are lovers but they expect you to sometimes be their friends, their guides, their support. Your emotional and mental strength is a big turn on factor for your man.
Fighting Ninjas
Your man absolutely hate the emotional drama, he does not even understand it most of the times, because he is not as emotionally evolved as you are. But, he absolutely loves how you argue and fight; your nose flares up, your cheeks turn pink and your hands just don’t stop moving. It is the make-up part that he is waiting for even while you are fighting with him. The truth is, if a guy loves you with all his might then he would like very single detail about you. You just need to be yourself with him and give him a chance to fall in love with everything about you.

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