In this article, we have provided a number of tips on how to talk to girls at parties. Read it and get to know some great party conversation starters for guys.

How To Talk To Girls

Most of the men get stumped when it comes to going upto a girl and talking to her. The problem, they either do not know how to start a conversation or do not know how to keep it going. Either ways, the result is a life of bachelorhood. If you are one of those who find it difficult to talk to girls, we are here to solve your problem. It is not that difficult to understand girls and converse with them. You just need to keep certain basic tips in mind. In the following lines, we have given complete information on how to talk to girls at parties, and otherwise, along with some great party conversation starters for guys.
Tips on How to Talk to Girls 
  • While approaching a girl make sure to look head on and maintain eye contact. Sideways glances are not likely to go down too well.
  • Now comes the part of introduction. Most probably, you will offer you hand in a handshake. Make sure that your hand is not sweaty and the handshake is firm, and not too weak or clammy.
  • Concentrate a little on your voice. Though you cannot do much about it, try to make it sound a little deep.
  • Next comes the time of a conversation starter. Be natural. Do not say lines that you have rehearsed beforehand. She will come to know of it as soon as you open your mouth.
  • To start a conversation, look for the things around you that might catch her attention too. For example, if you are in a discotheque, comment on the DJ. Then, you can go on to the kind of music she likes and so on.
  • Now, for maintaining the conversation. At times, an awkward silence creeps up into the conversation, making the other person appear boring. Make sure you do not encounter things like that. Be genuinely interested in what she says and then, let her words flow.
  • Throughout the length of your conversation with a girl, be a little conscious of your body language. Be confident, stay relaxed and let her set the tone. Don’t keep fidgeting or looking here and there.
  • The last part will be closing the conversation. You can end up by saying that you had a lovely time with her and would like to have the pleasure of her company again. If she says yes, you can ask her for her number. If she is a little skeptical, give her your number and ask her to think about it and let you know.

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