Often we see strangers across a crowded room and find it difficult to hold a steady conversation with an unknown person. With this article, learn how to talk to a person you don’t know.

How To Talk To Someone You Don’t Know

Starting a conversation with someone you don’t know is one of the hardest social situations to face. This is a fear experienced by many a people. You have to be a good listener in order to be a good conversationalist. All you need to do is catch the attention of someone and make him interested in your conversation. To continue the conversation on a positive note, you have to assure that the person responds. If you really want to be good, you have to practice making conversation. Given below are some easy ways to start off a conversation on a comfortable level.
Starting A Conversation With An Unknown Person
Start with a “Hello”
Introduce yourself to the new person by telling your name first and then asking him his. If the person responds to you, offer your hand to shake. In case you are visiting some other country, greet the person in tune with the particular culture.
Look Around
Look around to see if you can spot something that can be pointed out. Conversing about the weather is a cliché, but if there is something unusual about it, you have a long way to go while conversing with the person.
Offer a Compliment
Avoid lying to a person that you like his/ her hair when you think it is revolting. But you can compliment on the shoes or handbag if you like so. The most wonderful way to warm up a person to you is to pass a sincere compliment. Avoid personal comments to scare the person off or make him or her uncomfortable. It is better not to compliment a person’s looks or body.
Ask Questions
There are many people who like to talk about themselves. Keep the questions short and not invasive and get them going. Avoid asking too many questions if the person is not responsive to them.
Continue with the Conversation
If a person offers a conversation starter, continue with it and do net let the person go off without any notice. Pick up the topics that the person has just included in his/ her conversation and carry on the conversation. Offer an opinion, ask a question, give your suggestions, and make agreements and disagreements.
Look into the eye while conversing
During the conversation, look into the eye of your newfound friend, but do not stare. Also, use the person’s name once or twice while conversing, it engenders trust. This way you will remember the name of the person and also draw the person’s attention towards you what you are talking about.
Always Smile
Never forget to smile and have fun during your conversation.
  • Relax while you are conversing and say whatever comes to your mind. But avoid being offensive and really weird.
  • In case you watch television, listen to radio shows or read newspapers, magazines and/ or books, update yourself well. This can be helpful to the other person whom you are conversing with. Plan to share anything that you think is funny and find intriguing. You can thread interesting things and make the conversation an adventure instead of a dreadful task.
  • Think about a topic or two that you can talk about in case you are shy.
  • Follow the lead that your listener is expressing. If he/ she appear interested, continue the chat. In case the person is looking at the watch or clock, you have been going too long and it is time that you end your talk there.
  • Lighten up things by including interesting and funny quotes or facts. These make way for great things to talk about.
  • An effective conversation is half done the way you non-verbally communicate. It does not necessarily include speech and talks. It is best to practice non-verbal skills that are friendly and confident.

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