Overcoming Fear Of Abandonment – How To Overcome Fear Of Abandonment

Overcoming Fear Of Abandonment

Fear can be termed as a necessary part of life. It can be of two types, namely, rational fear that is based on logical premise, and chronic anxiety which is better known as phobia. Fear of abandonment can well be described as a psychological disorder wherein the person feels uncontrolled fear and anxiety when he/ she encounters situations that require facing the difficulties of life alone and without any support. Some possible causes of fear of abandonment can be loss of a near one, broken relationships, disturbed childhood and some social or personal trauma. Overcoming the fear of abandonment requires full determination on the part of the person experiencing such things. Given below are some ways and tips to overcome the fear of abandonment.
How To Overcome Fear Of Abandonment 
  • Identify your fear in detail and name it. Your enemy, once identified, is just like any other challenge to be dealt with. Consider your fear like a room that is to be painted or some similar task.
  • A process known as systematic desensitization is often used by most psychologists. This process helps you in getting closer to the fear each time you are around it. Get used to the way the fear makes you feel.
  • Do no try to get rid of the fear. Sometimes, it can be stubborn and determined. Overcoming the fear is a time-consuming process but the reward is worth it.
  • Do not preoccupy yourself with fearful or troubling thoughts. Although this is challenging but it is very necessary. Turn off unwanted thoughts in the same impersonal way as you may think of your stomach rumbling, “Oh, there goes my brain rumbling again.”
  • You may often think that fear can rage like an inferno, where as in reality it may be nothing but a little more than a candle flame. Do not waste your energy fearing too much.
  • Old fears raise their head from time to time, so do not be too hard on yourself. Be patient and determined and let yourself be exposed to the change.
  • Examine your fears and see how foolish or crazy they are. Pen down the reasons why you are paralyzing yourself by those fears.
  • Prepare yourself well and be committed as fears become more uncontrollable at first when you challenge their hold on you.
  • Inculcate healthy habits like yoga and meditation. As you become rich inside yourself, peace and serenity will manifest your life.
  • Stop over-analyzing any situation. Develop a habit of taking every experience positively. This can be practiced on a daily basis.
  • Stop being obsessed with anyone and anything. Laugh out your troubles and let life free for sometime. You’ll feel free from fear, jealousy and attachments.
  • Avoid thinking too much. Worrying is a slow poison that eats you up daily.
  • Forget the past and start moving ahead. Mistakes are part of life and so are bad experiences, hence, do not carry the burden and delete them from the memory.

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