Looking for tips for overcoming the fear of heights? With this article, explore how to overcome fear of heights and confront situations involving heights in a more confident way.

How To Overcome Fear Of Heights

Do you avoid accepting job offers for the simply reason that the office is located on the 15th floor of the building? Sounds funny, huh? However, this is a problem that most people are facing. While there are many phobias, the fear of heights is the most common of them all. Also known as acrophobia, fear of heights is an irrational fear, wherein people experience a panic attack at a high place and become too restless to come down immediately. In extreme cases, it can even induce panic attack, nausea and dizziness. Nonetheless, there are a number of therapies that can help overcome the fear of heights. With the right approach and the guidance of professionals, the fear can be reduced to a great extent over a period of time. Browse through the following lines to get some tips for overcoming the fear of heights, or acrophobia.
Tips For Overcoming Fear Of Heights
Hypnosis is a treatment used at bedtime, as it focuses on complete relaxation of the body. Since agitation and anxiety follows fear, it is significant to overcome stress and comprehension first. Hypnotherapy creates a relaxed atmosphere, which is important for the treatment. By discarding the deep-rooted fears from the subconscious mind, hypnosis renders the mind free from the phobia. By following a few weeks of hypnotherapy, acrophobia successfully gets reduced and replaces the fear with confidence.
Exposure Therapy
Guided by professionals, the person suffering from acrophobia is taken through different stages of height. At first, the person is allowed to experience virtual reality views of high places and then graduated towards real heights. This eventually helps in desensitizing the fear and getting comfortable to varied heights. Medications, such as tranquilizers and antidepressants are used in the initial stages, but with time, they may not be required as the person recovers from them.
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
This therapy alters your way of thinking, thereby eliminating the unwanted thoughts. Your unwanted emotions are transformed into positive thoughts that make you feel relaxed and comfortable. However, this therapeutic treatment has one drawback. It is not successful in cases where a person is suffering from extreme cases of acrophobia.
The symptoms of fear of heights can be reduced through aromatherapy as well to a great extent. Indulge yourself into a light massage along with some relaxing music.
The root cause of the fear of heights is extracted through psychotherapy treatment. At times, there are past events which lead to fear of heights in people. This fear increases with time thereby leading to acrophobia. Psychotherapy aims at identifying that single traumatic event and taking steps to heal it. However, this treatment has a very low success rate.
Friends and Family
While treating any ailment, friends and family form an integral part. They can come to rescue the victim struggling from acrophobia. Simply, being by the side of the person can be a great help. However, these friends and family should be really patient and ready for setbacks, as the patient is likely to hesitate initially. Nonetheless, they should continue to support even if the symptoms worsen during the treatment.

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